Easter on a Budget

Easter is coming up! Whether you go to church, have Easter baskets and egg hunts, have family over for dinner….or all of the above…Easter can get pricey!

When I was a kid growing up in Texas, my step family had the best Easter traditions! We’d all go to the family ranch, have easter baskets and a massive egg hunt. We’d make these eggs with confetti and flour in them and would run around cracking them over each others’ heads. Then we’d have a water gun fight, really getting the flour stuck in our hair. What a nightmare for our parents later! There was also kite flying and tons of yummy food! It was great!

These days I usually don’t make it home for Easter and am fortunate to have nice friends to take me in for dinner.

Some Simply Savers shared their tips for a fun-filled Easter on a budget!

Dollar Store for decor. –Katy

Reuse baskets and plastic eggs from years before. –Jessie

Fill eggs with privileges instead of more sugar and candy. Examples would be staying up past your bedtime, extra TV time, etc –Pinterest

Coloring books and crayons. $2 at dollar store and the kids can have fun much longer than with candy. Printable free crafts on mommy websites also where I print out activities for my niece and nephew. All in all, I spend maybe $5 per kid and mostly give them my time, which is what they really remember. –Mariette

Rely heavily upon the Easter Bunny…make that bunny absorb some of the costs. Seriously though, an Easter egg hunt for a few kids can be fairly cheap. Just go to the dollar store and buy the cheap plastic eggs, put one or two m&m’s in each one, and maybe have one that has a dollar in it for the grand prize or something. –Kevin

Eat at other people’s houses! –Laura

I think Easter dinner is usually the thing that costs the most. We do a family buffet, each member bringing a side or dessert so the full dinner is spread through many people. –Mariette

Please comment with any suggestions or ideas you may have!

My sister and I, Easter 2012. Still not too old for Easter baskets and confetti eggs!

My sister and I, Easter 2012. Still not too old for Easter baskets and confetti eggs!

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Simply Save is about living a fabulous life at a cheaper price. It’s not about making drastic changes to your life and living so frugally that you give up things you enjoy; it’s about finding ways to maintain your current standard of living at a cheaper cost. We are all so busy in life that these money-saving ideas are designed to be simple and require minimal effort. I’m by no means a personal finance expert, so these are just some tips and tricks I’ve picked up here and there. Two other things you’ll find in my blog, are small touches of eco-friendly living, and ways to simplify your life. A little about myself: My name is Heather and I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I work full time doing Human Resources and recently finished my MBA. I also juggle homeownership, training my puppy, and tackling my massive reading list. Side note: I am NOT paid to advertise for any of the companies I may post about. Be sure to follow on Facebook! View all posts by Simply Save

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