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If you’re a jewelry and accessories lover who also loves a budget, then keep reading. Paparazzi Accessories is great for the jewelry lover who is on a budget!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook about something called Paparazzi Accessories and I finally got the scoop from my friend Rachael. Paparazzi is an accessories line that includes things such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, and head bands…and they’re only $5 each! (plus tax) They also have a kid’s line with products for just $1. (All of the products are lead and nickel free.)

Paparazzi Accessories is a little different from most direct sales companies. They don’t have a catalog that you can browse and order from. Hostesses have their own inventory that constantly changes to keep up with the latest styles. Some hostesses do have their own websites with their inventory displayed though. (You can view Rachael’s here to get a taste for it)

The way the parties work is pretty unique too. Some are completely online! So you can shop from your couch in your pajamas! Hostesses may do a variety of different parties but an interesting one is a one-hour party on Facebook. You basically join the Facebook event to attend the party and for one hour the hostess posts pictures of different items. The first person to comment “sold” gets the item. The pictures are posted quickly one after another, sort of like camera flashes from paparazzi!

Paparazzi Accessories is great for the jewelry lover who is on a budget! Click To Tweet

Other parties include regular home parties and open houses. And because of the constantly changing inventory, every party is different and your purchase is unique! A lot of the rings are stretchy and will work for everyone. It seems like most necklaces have matching earrings too. They even have clip-on earrings for non-piereced ears! Some of this stuff would make great gifts too…

You can also get perks for hosting a Paparazzi Accessories party:

  • 1 free item for hosting (with $40+ plus tax in sales)
  • 1 free item for every 12 items sold
  • 1 free item for each party booked (given when their party is held)
  • 2 free items if you refer someone and they become a consultant
  • Drawing will be held for 1 GUEST to win a FREE item too

There are tons of different items in all styles and color schemes. You really can’t beat $5 for jewelry! Seriously, every product is just $5. To learn more and to find out about upcoming parties you can “like” this Facebook page. Or get a glimpse of some of the Paparazzi Accessories products here!

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