Amazon: Book Club Favorites $1.99-Today Only!

Today only, Amazon has a selection of book club favorites for only $1.99 each on your Kindle! Authors include Barbara Kingsolver and Mitch Albom. Check them out here!

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 11.07.40 AM

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Simply Save is about living a fabulous life at a cheaper price. It’s not about making drastic changes to your life and living so frugally that you give up things you enjoy; it’s about finding ways to maintain your current standard of living at a cheaper cost. We are all so busy in life that these money-saving ideas are designed to be simple and require minimal effort. I’m by no means a personal finance expert, so these are just some tips and tricks I’ve picked up here and there. Two other things you’ll find in my blog, are small touches of eco-friendly living, and ways to simplify your life. A little about myself: My name is Heather and I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I work full time doing Human Resources and recently finished my MBA. I also juggle homeownership, training my puppy, and tackling my massive reading list. Side note: I am NOT paid to advertise for any of the companies I may post about. Be sure to follow on Facebook! View all posts by Simply Save

One response to “Amazon: Book Club Favorites $1.99-Today Only!

  • stromij

    Reblogged this on Cup of Pencils and commented:
    Wanted to share this as I am definitely shopping! The first thing we got A when he started treatment was a kindle. Actually it was given to us, thanks some very kind people who provided us tremendous support throughout the whole thing. A got through the hours of treatment thanks to that kindle. Now, A and I love to climb into bed together with our kindles & hot chocolate and read for awhile before falling asleep. Perfect relaxation.


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