Heat Register Covers: Easy Home Improvement

Replace the Heat Register Cover

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Like heat register covers.

Call me naïve, but as a new homeowner, sometimes it doesn’t even cross my mind that you can replace certain things in your home….

The heat register covers in both bedrooms in my house are basic metal and are both in bad shape: they have rust spots and one has all this goop crusted on to it. Efforts to clean them are futile. For some reason it never crossed my mind that you can replace them! I was at Home Depot this weekend and inadvertently discovered that not only can you replace heat register covers, but you can upgrade them to some pretty sleek looks without spending much money! (Like this one I put in the bedrooms!)

Heat Register Replacement

I purchased two new covers in a brushed bronze look with a nice little vent design. They were about $10 each and absolutely a piece of cake to change out. This tiny upgrade adds a little bit of sophistication to my bedrooms! I love it! If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some classy touches to your home, consider something small like this. Little changes can still make a big difference! I also put this silver one in my bathroom!

The old cover in this picture is the least disgusting of the two that I replaced.

The old cover in this picture is the least disgusting of the two that I replaced.

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