DIY Wine Cork Coasters

I had to wait awhile to publish this post since it was a birthday gift for a friend, so I’m excited to finally share! Awhile ago my friend Sara mentioned wanting some coasters made of wine corks. I found some on Etsy and almost purchased them, but then I realized they looked pretty simple to make! I don’t have the most advanced craft skills in the world, but it looked like even I could handle it! The only problem was, I don’t drink much so I didn’t have enough corks! Luckily my friend Sarah came through for me and donated some to the cause. (I did end up one cork short when I was already 50% of the way through the project, but opening a bottle of wine fixed that!)

Wine Cork Coasters

Here’s what you need to make 4 DIY wine cork coasters:

  • Enough cork board for four 4×4 squares. (Luckily I had some leftover from a previous project) Or even some thin wood will do the trick.
  • 16 wine corks. It helps if they are all the same shape and size, but you can make do if some are shorter than others. It’s fun if they all look a little different too.
  • A knife that can slice through the corks
  • A hot glue gun

First cut your cork board into four 4×4 squares. These will serve as the base of each coaster.

Cut cork board into four 4x4 squares

Cut cork board into four 4×4 squares

Then cut your corks in half. I tried cutting them in a place so that I had words or designs on each half. Be careful not to cut any fingers!

Carefully cut corks in half

Carefully cut corks in half

Next line up the cork halves onto the cork board squares and make sure they are level all the way across. Trim if needed and then glue the corks onto the squares. You’ll need eight per square. I alternated vertical and horizontal to give it a fun look. After glueing them, trim the sides of the cork squares to eliminate any excess.

Glue cork halves to cork squares

Glue cork halves to cork squares

Finally, give as a gift or just enjoy a glass of wine!

Pour a glass and enjoy!

Pour a glass and enjoy!

This little project only took about an hour and was super easy! Obtaining the corks can be fun, and the cork board squares are pretty inexpensive! Sara had mentioned wanting wine glasses too, so for her birthday I gave her the wine cork coasters, wine glasses, and a bottle of wine!

Happy crafting!

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  1. What a cool way to reuse an item most people throw away! Add a wine bottle candle and this would make a perfect gift set.

  2. I’m all about a awesome easy DIY and I will definitely be doing g this one I love it !! Laci @

  3. These are cute! A great gift along with a bottle of wine too. Did you just cut the cork with a regular knife? They stayed solid and didn’t crumble?

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