Two Year Homeowner Anniversary

New Gazebo

Two years ago today I closed on my first home! I remember before buying my house many people discouraged me from buying a house alone because of the upkeep of mowing the grass and snow removal. Well I’ve survived two summers and two winters just fine! The grass was cut and the snow removed.

Last year I wrote about my first year as a homeowner and the different projects I’d tackled. Year Two is not as exciting. Nonetheless, here is the list!

  • My fence was repaired. It leaned severely into my neighbor’s yard and was an eyesore. I can’t take credit for this one as my neighbor did most of the work, but it looks so much better now and it only cost me about $65. ($15 for my half of the supplies and a $50 gift card to thank him)
  • My awesome friends Rich and Jan gave me a gazebo! It has transformed my deck into an outdoor oasis. Amazing how something like mesh walls and a canvas ceiling can make you feel so cozy. I’ve spent hours out there working on the blog or reading with the dog.


  • I upgraded to a stainless steel fridge. When I bought the house I knew I wanted a stainless steel kitchen eventually and now the transformation is complete! There’s really no affordable way to buy a new fridge, but I got a decent price by purchasing it from an open box place. There are a few imperfections but I am probably the only one who knows they are there.


  • My friend Rich helped me build a shed! I have a two-car garage and only one car, but I am slightly OCD about my garage and wanted to be able store some clutter in a shed. (I was surprised by this garage obsession when I became a homeowner. Wasn’t expecting that!) I did have a little incident where right after I built the shed I lost the key and couldn’t get into it for two months until my friend brought over some lock cutters…but we won’t get into that…


  • I splurged on a Tempurpedic mattress but it has been worth every penny. I love catching up with my chiropractor, but I’ve hardly seen her since I bought this thing. It’s helped my back and my sleep so much!
  • Along with the mattress, I redid my bedroom. It went from the dark feeling of red and black décor, to sunny tan and blue! I found great deals on curtains and bedding and it was an easy transformation!


  • I did have a little incident where my garage door broke. That was expensive, but that’s what emergency funds are for.
  • Aside from those few larger projects, this year was really about small improvements and touch ups; a fresh coat of paint on a dingy door, new dusk to dawn automated light bulbs outside, finally getting the grout in my bathroom looking good, doing some craft projects to improve the décor, putting some new organizational systems in place etc.

Other than the garage door, these things were wants, not needs. So far I’ve been very fortunate in that way with this house. (Knock on wood.) At this point I feel entirely settled in and just maintaining and making small improvements when I’m feeling inspired. Again, I’m very thankful for the friends who have helped me out along the way!

Cheers to another year!

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  1. Great motivation for me to start and complete home projects. Also, congratulations on your new home!

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