Bottle Cap Coaster Project

Repurposed Candle Holder

Awhile ago I shared a neat Pinterest idea for making coasters out of bottle caps and I’ve decided I’m going to work on this project! And by “work on it” I mean consume 36 bottled beverages eventually. With how rarely I drink, it could be awhile.

I do enjoy some beer and hard cider now and then, so it’s time to start saving those caps! I’ve decided to start saving them in a repurposed candle jar. I knew I was saving those for a reason! The fun part of this is not only is it functional, but it makes a fun little decorative piece. It’s not much yet, but it will look neat once I have more bottle caps in there. It could be a conversation starter!


Repurposed Candle Holder


I haven’t yet selected a recipient for these bottle cap coasters, but you can bet I’ll write a post about them when they’re done! At the rate I drink, it’ll probably be ready around next Christmas!

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  1. My wife wants to do some craft project that involves wine corks. Problem is…we only go through about a bottle a month. It could be a while haha. Best of luck on your project!

    • Thanks! I did a wine cork project last summer and I confess, I took some cork donations from a friend! You can buy them these days but it doesn’t feel as authentic to me.

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