A Quick Thought On Advertising

Right now I’m reading The Cheapskate Next Door by Jeff Yeager, and even though I’m only one chapter in, I’m hooked. He talks to a lot of “cheapskates” that span the spectrum of frugality and shares their secrets.

One part made me pause and think:

“It took awhile to explain to our kids that if a company needs to advertise its products all over the place, there must either be something wrong with it or it’s something people really don’t need. Otherwise, why would they have to advertise it so much?” -Welmoed Sisson

Think about it. Let it sink in.

We are bombarded with advertisements every day via magazines, radio, TV, the Internet, social media, billboards and more.

If it’s a product we really need in our life, then why the desperate attempts to market to us? Why spend the big money?

Think about the things you need…toothpaste, deodorant, dish soap. Yes, these things are advertised as brands try to compete for our money, but they don’t drive such a hard campaign as products such as fashion designers, the latest technology, and other random gizmos.

Just a thought that made me stop and go, “hmm…”

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  1. A quote by Seth Godin that has stuck with me is this: “we don’t buy what we need anymore.” The point being, if you’re an entrepreneur you have to realize that Americans have, for the most part, moved beyond buying only what they truly “need.” I think this is a big reason marketing is so huge these days.

    It’s interesting you bring up deodorant, tooth paste, and other things we truly need to survive and live well. P&G spends an ENORMOUS amount of money advertising their brands for these “staples.” Makes me wonder how much validity the quote has that things don’t need to be marketed if they are something we need. I also should add that health care companies that provide services that people absolutely need STILL need to market or they will lose membership and business.

    • That’s true. I feel like brands just have to compete with one another these days. Although, I’m usually perfectly fine with generic and you usually don’t see them spending huge amounts on advertising.

      I’ve been working the night shift recently and it just makes me think of all the infomercials that are on. If you have to push that hard to sell your product, I probably don’t need it…

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