Save Money By Eliminating Disposable Items

Eliminate Disposable Item

Do you know what I can’t stand buying? Toilet paper. It’s a necessity, but it’s a reoccurring expense and it’s not really a fun way to spend your money!

I’ll never stray from toilet paper, but there are other disposable items in my life that I’d like to get rid of.

Eliminate Disposable Item

Disposable Items Are Reoccurring Expenses

Think of all the disposable items in our lives: toilet paper, napkins, plates and utensils, trash bags, Ziploc bags, beauty products and hygiene items, the list goes on…

Each of these things are reoccurring expenses. Every time you run out of paper towels, you purchase more to replace them. It’s not exactly a fun purchase either.

I’m not saying we should part with our toothpaste and toilet paper, but we can part with some of these items by replacing them with reusable items.

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Replace Disposable With Reusable

We can eliminate some of these reoccurring expenses by replacing disposable items with things that are reusable. Here are some ideas:

  • Replace Ziploc bags with Tupperware containers.
  • Stop buying disposable utensils and dishes. I have a cheaper set of dishes for when I host parties.
  • Quit with the bottled water and invest in a BPA free water bottle that you can refill. (If you can’t get used to the taste of tap water, try a Brita filter)
  • Swap paper napkins with cloth napkins.
  • Replace paper towels with hand towels.
  • Eliminate disposable face wipes by using a wash cloth.
  • Have some old rags around for cleaning instead of disposable wipes.
  • Eliminate tinfoil by using dishes with lids.
  • Replace dryer sheets with dryer balls.
  • Get rid of your disposable razor by investing in an electric razor.
  • Use a wash cloth in the shower instead of a shower pouf.
  • I’m not personally ready to do this, but you could eliminate single serve coffee pods and replace them with your own coffee grounds. Keurig makes a reusable device that allows you to add your own grounds.
  • Eliminate paper lunch bags by getting a fun lunch bag! Mine has owls on it!


The Planet Will Thank You

Not only are you helping your wallet, but you’re helping the planet. The amount of trash we generate is astounding. Eliminating disposable items can really cut down on the amount of things we send to the landfill.

Have you started eliminating disposable items? What have you replaced and how have you gone about making the change?

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