DIY Outdoor Cinder Block Bench

DIY Cinder Block Bench

My friend Christina has worked on a big landscaping project in her backyard and came up with some really neat ideas! One in particular caught my eye: she made a bench out of cinder blocks for around her fire pit! It looks amazing and sounds easy to do, so Christina passed on some instructions.

What You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Six cinder blocks
  • Two 8 foot boards: 7/8 x 2 inches (Christina went with kiln-dried cedar and had them cut in half for free to form 4 panels for the bench seat. You can go with different lengths if you prefer, but be careful that you don’t go too long; they could bow in the middle and not hold the weight of people sitting on the bench)
  • Exterior quality paint
    • There are cheaper options, but I recommend exterior paint since your bench is outdoors. This will help the paint last longer.
    • Christina chose 2 colors so that she could paint the inside of the cinder blocks a different accent color.
    • Christina went with one gallon of each color because she plans to use the excess for some other projects, but you can probably get away with much less.
  • Cushions (They can be found in the patio furniture section of a store, or if you’re super crafty you can make your own.)

Assembling the Bench

Assembling the bench is pretty easy! Paint your cinder blocks and choose a place for your bench. (A mini roller can help you access the inside of the blocks easily if you choose to go with two colors.)  Stack three blocks on each side as shown in the picture below. Paint the boards if you’d like, or leave them bare and then place across to connect the two piles of blocks. Add a cushion and you’re set!

DIY Cinder Block Bench

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Prices will vary by location, but Christina only spent about $10 on cinder blocks and less than $5 on wood. The paint is where it got pricey; she bought 2 gallons of Dutch Boy exterior quality paint for $38 per gallon. You can play around with quality, brand, and sales to find a better deal. Or better yet, if you have any leftover paint around the house, this may be a good use for it! Christina is maximizing the value of her paint because she already intends to use it for additional projects. (Remember, she purchased extra, you can get a smaller size if you just plan to make the bench.)

Thanks Christina, for sharing this fun idea! What a great way to spruce up your outdoor space with a fun pop of color!

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