Maximize Your Amazon Prime Membership

Maximize Amazon Prime

Even with last year’s price increase, Amazon Prime can still be a huge value. At $99 a year, that’s only $8.25 a month: less than a Netflix membership. When you think of Prime, you probably think of free two-day shipping and maybe free movie streaming, but there are so many more perks! Explore all the features of your Prime membership to get the most for your money! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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Maximize Your Amazon Prime Membership

Get More Out of Amazon Prime


Yes, there is the usual free two-day shipping that you’re probably familiar with. It’s a huge bargain if you shop on Amazon even a few times a year. Did you know that if you don’t need two-day shipping, you can earn credits for free ebooks, mp3s, and videos by selecting free no-rush shipping? Read more here!

Prime Instant Video

When you break down the annual price of Amazon Prime, it’s basically less than a Netflix membership each month, which is pretty awesome because Prime Instant Video is just like Netflix. There are tons of movies and TV shows you can stream for free on your laptop, tablet, TV etc. The selection isn’t as big as Netflix, but they are constantly adding titles. (America’s Next Top Model marathon? Yes, please!) Try it out: Amazon Prime Instant Video 30-Day Free Trial


Books lovers, did you realize how many awesome features you get with your Prime membership?

  • First of all, there’s the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows you to borrow one free ebook each month. There are over half a million titles to choose from! Read more here.
  • Then there’s Kindle First. Kindle First members will receive an email with four editors’ picks each month and will have the opportunity to download one book for free, a month before the official publication date. (Non-Prime members can still take part in Kindle First, but you’ll pay a reduced price.) Learn more here!
  • Best of all, you don’t even need a Kindle device to use these features! Amazon has free apps that allow you to read Kindle books on your tablet or computer!


Did you know you get unlimited photo storage with your Prime membership? Yup.


Ok, so Amazon Prime is like a Netflix membership, cloud storage, library all rolled into one…and it’s like Spotify. Prime members also get free unlimited music streaming! It’s ad-free and has millions of songs and hundreds of custom-built playlists. Join Amazon Prime – Listen to Over a Million Songs – Start Free Trial Now

Amazon Mom

You’ll get free access to Amazon Mom with your Prime membership, where you can get free two-day shipping, 20% off diapers, and other promotions for parents. Try Amazon Mom for Free

Get the most for your money

If you already have Prime, or are considering it, make use of these amazing features to get the most bang for your buck! Not ready to commit? You can try it out: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. (They will charge your card the full $99 at the end of the trial period, so be sure to cancel the membership if you’re not interested!)

Maximize Amazon Prime

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  1. I’ve tried Amazon Prime and I liked its instant video service. However, I was perplexed why it still charged for some movies/TV shows. I found the Prime selection to be similar to Netflix. I’m a Netflix subscriber mainly for its original programming, which I don’t see Amazon doing as much with yet.

    • You’re right, not all of the content is free for Prime members, but I still find a large benefit in all of the free content. I’m with you on the Netflix original programming…Orange is the New Black is back on tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I have Prime, but I am clearly not taking advantage of it! I need to look into the photo storage. THAT would save me a TON of stress (and save my husband from having to hear about my new attempts at organization). Great post! Thanks for sharing!
    Amanda B. recently posted…Awake at 3AMMy Profile

  3. I love Amazon Prime…don’t know how I lived without it in years past. I don’t utilize the photo storage because I use my Google Drive for that and for my blog. Great post. Stopping by from Small Victories Sunday.

  4. Great post – we have yet to take advantage of the streaming and we SHOULD! Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  5. WE just got Amazon Prime for a Christmas gift and while I have had it before I’ve only ever used it for free shipping; can’t wait to look into some of these benefits.

  6. Thanks for the info. Just signed up for Prime last night. We haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

  7. I have had Prime since you could get it free as a college student for a year. I will never go back. I can’t believe there are people out there who don’t have it.
    Lisa recently posted…Motherhood MantrasMy Profile

  8. My husband and I actually just canceled our Prime membership yesterday after having it for a year. The 2 day shipping was awesome but other than that, it just wasn’t worth the money. Most of the shows and movies we’d want to watch still cost money so we never used instant video. So we just watch all our shows on Hulu and Netflix. I tried Kindle Unlimited but none of the books I wanted were included in it. So there’s even more money being spent. And as for music, I love my Spotify and my husband uses Google Music so we’re all set there too. I wish we had liked it more but for us, it was just one big waste of money.

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  10. We ended up with Amazon prime accidentally last year after forgetting to cancel our trial and decided to just keep it this year because we like it so much. I had no idea about the shipping credit. I will have to pass that one to my husband since I have my eye on some books releasing later this year. Thanks for all the info!
    Jean recently posted…Things to Celebrate in JanuaryMy Profile

  11. This inspires me to write one geared towards students–thanks for the inspiration. Thanks, Jacque K.

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  13. I did a trial of amazon prime last year and while I enjoyed it I didn’t use it enough to feel it was worth my investment. However, I can see the value of this and think its great for those who use amazon a lot

  14. I have never herd of amazon prime before thanks for this post, but at the sametime i doubt it would work for me based on where i live

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