Simply Save: What’s In My Bag?

What's In My Bag

I saw a “what’s in my bag” post recently and thought it was a fun idea, so today I’m going to reveal what I’m always lugging around in this purse! Here’s some info: I have a Coach addiction and I get my stuff at the outlet mall. I have it under control a lot more than I used to. I get bored with purses so I have a few that I swap out. I generally have medium to large bags. I swear, once you have a large bag it’s hard to downsize! I pretty much always have my purse and feel lost without it. The main exception is when I’m biking. I also have been getting nagged by chiropractors for years for constantly carrying such a big bag on my “bad” side. Seriously, have you tried to switch purse shoulders though? I always feel discombobulated with my bag on the other side.

Ok, so here’s what’s in my bag:

What's In My Bag


Here’s some info about these items!

  • The polka dot notebook: I love cute notebooks and this was a graduation gift that has recently become dedicated to my job search.
  • The pink book is my Kindle. It is always with me, so it’s a good thing the battery lasts forever! Depending on what I’m reading, I may also have a regular book with me. This is a habit since childhood…I always have a book with me. Never know when you’ll be stuck waiting somewhere!
  • The little flowered case on top of the Kindle is from the Target One Spot and contains my Simply Save business cards!
  • The sunglasses are Chanel knock offs from my trip to China. I can’t have nice sunglasses, I’ll either lose them or break them immediately. But these are cheap and I’ve had them over 2 years so far!
  • I always have gum in my purse, desk, and car. And I usually pay pennies for it by combining deals and coupons. (I recently got three packs for just 53¢)
  • Ear buds because you never know when you’ll need them! I mostly use them when I sit at the coffee shop and write.
  • The pink bottle is from an old Bath & Body Works lotion that ran out long ago. I just keep refilling it with generic lotion from the big bottle I keep in my bathroom.
  • The white bottle with the green cap: did you know that if I run, or even walk too quickly for too long, I will break out in hives? Yup! Exercise induced hives, one of the many weird allergies and skin things I deal with. I always carry antihistamines with me in case I decide to go for a jog (ha!) or my allergies act up.
  • I  may have a Chapstick addiction. I keep it simple though. When I was younger I was obsessed with lip gloss, but now I can’t stand the stickiness.
  • I think I may be the only adult without kids that carries fruit snacks around. You never know when you’ll be hungry! And these help tide me over so I can avoid the drive thru.
  • The fun chevron patterned thing is my thirty-one coupon clutch! This way all of my coupons are with me all the time in case I come across an unexpected deal! It has little dividers inside so I can organize it and it doesn’t take up much space.

The rest is all self-explanatory. I really can’t go anywhere without my phone, coupons, kindle, and allergy meds. Those are my must haves! What do you think? Do you rely on any of these things as staples?

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  1. I really enjoy these “what’s in my purse” posts, too! Everything in your bag is colorful and practical! 🙂
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