Throwback Thursday: First Piggy Bank

First Piggy Bank

Do you remember your first piggy bank? Maybe it was filled with money from grandma on your birthday or your childhood allowance?

I was recently in the One Spot at Target and had a little blast from the past! I came across these Crayola piggy banks! I remember having a green one like this in high school. When I would receive my McDonald’s paycheck, my dad would put half in the bank for me in a savings account we set up, and I’d put the rest of the cash in the piggy bank. Not saying it stayed there long though! I wasn’t exactly Miss Simply Save back in the day.

First Piggy Bank

For the low price of $3 you can relive your childhood.

The first piggy bank I remember having was a Tootsie Roll bank that at one point had been filled with candy. Bonus! These days I have a good old-fashioned pig that I put my spare change into. My cousin named her at one point, but I can’t remember her name. (Sorry Lindsay!) You’re never too old for a piggy bank – that spare change can really add up!

Do you remember your first piggy bank? Please share in the comments! 🙂

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  1. This has really got me thinking! I have no idea what my first piggy bank was but I definitely had one. One of my fav activities was dumping out all of my money and counting it. I actually used to get money rollers from the bank so I could take in all of my change and deposit it into the bank. I actually still love doing this! haha!
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