Minimalism: Keep Only What You Love

Keep Only What You Love

I have a story about this ring and it ties into minimalism and keeping what you love, so hear me out.

When I was in Iraq in 2006 I ordered this ring online from Inspired Silver. It cost maybe $20 or $25. It definitely wasn’t anything fancy, but I just wanted something to feel like a girl again and feel pretty. We were authorized to wear a ring or two in uniform, so I ordered this one. I got a lot of compliments on the ring and still do! The thin side of the band used to be more pink/peach colored but has faded over the years.

My Favorite Ring

But let me tell you…I have lost this ring at least four times. It wouldn’t be a big financial loss since it didn’t cost much, but in the beginning I was always crestfallen because I love this ring. Over time I stopped getting upset when I lost it. Not because it wasn’t important to me anymore, but because strangely, it always came back.

The first incident was when I left it in a bathroom in Iraq, on the shelf above the sink. These were communal bathrooms that tons of soldiers went in and out of, and local nationals came in to clean. There was no real “lost and found” structure set up on our base in Iraq and there were so many opportunities for someone to just pocket the ring. Somehow it made it back to me within hours.

There were several other times that I lost it and panicked, but I don’t remember those specific incidents anymore. I do know some were even in different states.

I do remember one time where I had stopped worrying at that point: I was packing up my old studio apartment and somehow lost the ring in the midst. We were about to leave that apartment forever and I still hadn’t found it. I wasn’t concerned. It turned up of course.

This ring is not particularly meaningful. It wasn’t a gift, isn’t of much monetary value, and is not among the items I consider deployment keepsakes.

Favorite Ring

I have other rings. At one point I had many, but I’ve since pared them down a bit. But why, nearly 10 years later, is this the ring I wear almost  every single day?

  • It’s easy. I know I love it and that it works with almost everything. I don’t have to stop and think about it in the morning, reducing decision fatigue. (I’m not fashionable, I likely put more thought into my daily jewelry and accessories than some because fashion doesn’t come naturally to me.)
  • I really love it! It’s pretty, sparkly, and yet simple. My style.
  • It fits perfectly. I hate when rings spin on my finger throughout the day.
  • I feel good when I wear it!
  • I tend to lose nice things and that’s not a feeling I want to experience again. This ring doesn’t come with that pressure.
  • If I lose it, I never worry because it always comes back. Someday it probably won’t. But that’s ok.

THIS is my goal with minimalism and going through my possessions! I want to get down to only the items that I truly love, that still make me feel great after 10 years! The other stuff just gets in the way!

THIS is my goal with minimalism: I want to get down to only the items that I truly love! Click To Tweet

Figure out which of your things make you feel good, which items you love the most and get rid of the rest! You’ll feel so much lighter and experience so much joy from being able to focus on only the things you truly love! No more clutter in the way or even in your mind!

Keep Only What You Love
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  1. I love the reason you love and keep that ring. I think that is absolutely the heart of minimalism, you really should only have the things around you that mean something and that you love! I need to be more mindful of that with the things in my own house!
    Beth recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

  2. Your ring is beautiful and the story behind it is lovely too. I need to start shedding myself of the random things, I’m trying. While packing for our move we donated plenty and now that we’re here we are still getting rid of things. I can do better though.
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop {120}My Profile

    • Lol I can relate! I used to hang on to a lot of jewelry thinking I’d wear it “someday” but I find myself going back to the same few pieces over and over again.

  3. What an upbeat story to start the day with! The amazing reappearing ring. I honestly think my hoarder tendencies are worst with books and all school papers because I have delusions of being a professor someday and keeping them in my office. If I could week all of those out, I’d clear up a lot of room.

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  6. Love this. I too have just a few pieces that I wear on a regular basis and the rest just clutters up my dresser. I just can’t bring myself to purge anything, and it doesn’t help that my Mom keeps buying me more trinkets!

  7. That ring is beautiful! This is a great post. I tend to hold on to everything which makes for a lot of clutter and I lose things often!

  8. We may be selling our house and living in our RV for a bit, and you know what, I CANNOT wait!! I don’t NEED all this stuff in my house! I despise cleaning it. The camper is going to be so much more simple. A little stuffed with 5 people and a dog, but it’s a big 5th wheel thing 🙂 I’ll make due. Simple living, here I come!!!

  9. Our lease is up in June, which means that we will be moving soon! This will be the perfect time to ask myself what I really love!! Great post xo

  10. I’ve lost jewelry over the years as well, sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t. As long as you’re getting joy from this item, keep on wearing it! Having a few statement, go-with-everything pieces of jewelry is a good thing.

  11. What a great story! I also live a minimalist lifestyle and I find myself not being attached to much, even my jewelry. I tend to purge TOO much sometimes and find myself looking for something later that I got rid of. haha. Your ring is truly something special though!

  12. What an awesome blog, and a great point. Keeping the stuff you love is a great rule for minimizing your possessions. I did this a few months ago and realized how little of the stuff sitting around out here were things I actually loved. We got rid of a LOT of stuff and it feels much better! Your ring is very lovely by the way!

  13. Interesting! It’s funny how we can have so much stuff, but we always go back to the same few items. When Ben moved in, I was forced to get rid of a bunch of stuff to make room for his stuff, and I’m glad I did 🙂 No need to store so much stuff I never wore or used anyway.
    Jen @ Frugal Millennial recently posted…22 Random Facts About MeMy Profile

    • Exactly! I bet you don’t even remember most of the things you got rid of! I know I don’t remember much that I’ve pared down!

  14. Love this story! It totally inspires me to keep only what is dear to me. When I hold on to what I don’t love or need, it creates stress. Thank you so much for sharing this story and your minimalism goals.

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