Simply Save Week In Review: 1/2-1/8

Simply Save Week In Review

Hi everyone! I hope 2016 is treating you well! It’s been off to a good start for me so far! Here’s this week’s Simply Save Week In Review!

  • I’m going on a minimalization frenzy lately. I got rid of a lot during the Minsgame in November and have still be picking through things in the weeks since, but in the past few weeks I’ve been pretty ruthless. It seems that I don’t want any excess going into 2016. The things I’ve been on the fence about for awhile…gone. As a result I made a bit of money this week!
    • $252 from selling things from around the house.
    • $30 from selling clothes to Clothes Mentor.
    • $10 from selling books and magazines (from free subscriptions) to Half Price Books.
  • I earned a $5 Amazon gift card by through Bing Rewards. (Learn how here!)
  • I cancelled cable! I’ve had the most basic cable for years, mostly because I thought it made my internet cheaper to bundle it. Well, I saved about $12 a month by cancelling cable. I mostly watch TV shows online anyway because I’m rarely home when they’re actually on TV. (You might think I’m crazy because last week I also cancelled Netflix, but I think removing this distraction will give me more time to read, and I’ll be happier overall.)
  • My kind friends gave me a $40 gift card for a pedicure for Christmas. And good thing, because I need it! I generally just do DIY pedicures, so my feet could use this special treat.
  • I talked to my financial planner about investing a portion of my emergency savings now that I reached my goal. We’re keeping some liquid in case I need it but I’m glad to finally be investing some.
  • I was able to make an extra $300 mortgage payment this week. Time to start throwing money at my mortgage to crush my remaining debt!

That’s the list for this week! I’m feeling very motivated about my finances for 2016! Have a great week!

Finance Goal

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  1. Wow I’m impressed! I am getting much better at saving as I become a “real” adult. Love your ideas 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Cancelling cable is something I would like to do in the new year. We split the cost of cable/internet with our renter, but she is likely moving out this Summer. Once she moves out I’d like to get an HD antenna and not be tied to a company that has poor customer service and bad business practices (jacking up the price of their product the longer you are a customer).

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