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What’s The Most Useful Thing You Own?

There are useful items that we all appreciate such as water, electricity, toilet paper…essentials. And then there are items that are unique to our lives that just make life easier. Some of us may have items in common, and other are more unique based on our situations.

I’m talking, used all the time, couldn’t live without it, makes your life simple, maybe also saves you money, and brings you joy.

I'm talking, used all the time, couldn't live without it, makes your life simple. Click To Tweet

My Item: My Keurig

My most useful thing is my Keurig. It saves me a ton of time and money. Because I like the kick of coffee, but not the taste of coffee, I prefer all the fancy syrupy expensive drinks. The Keurig with its tasty kcups and additional bottles of syrup, allows me to make similar drinks at home for a fraction of the price. Plus I save time and gas money by avoiding frequent Starbucks runs. (When I do go to Starbuck, here’s how I save!)

If you want to read more about how a Keurig can save you money, check out this post!

Keurig Save Money

Others Weigh In

My phone, hands down. Next is my Crock-Pot. It makes life so much easier on busy days. – Jen from Life With Levi

My Keurig is super useful. I use it every single day. In staying with the theme of the kitchen, I would say my toaster oven. We don’t own a toaster because our toaster oven does all that plus if I need to warm up something in the oven, but it’s in use, I can pop it in the toaster oven. – The Mother Blog

The remote control for our bedroom lights! Saves me from tripping over stuff or the dogs when I get into bed. The lights can stay on till I’m tucked in then I just shut them off with a remote! – Jamie from Toys In The Dryer

My live in nanny. I know I don’t own her, but we trade room for childcare. Saves us on babysitters and having to move our work schedule around to be able to get my daughter to school and off the bus after school. Our nanny is a college student and gets to live with us for free and only has to help now and then with the kids. It has saved us a ton. – Michael

Bookshelves! Since moving my books have been piled on the floor, bookshelves have been a life saver and I love styling them! – Angela of Clutter Box Blog

My Roomba. With two kids, three cats, and a husband who has giant, mud attracting combat boots, that thing saves me time and my sanity. We bought the middle model at around $300 and I’m thinking about upgrading when we move or at least buying a second one. – Jacquie of Wanderlust Watercolors

My hot water bottle. Don’t have to use the heater in winter 🙂 – Frugal Aussie Mum

Maybe not the most useful but my Amazon Kindle Unlimited. With how I devour books, Kindle Unlimited free books have saved me so much money and I can read on my phone or tablet. Stopped in a Barnes & Noble yesterday but could not justify spending $9.99 for a paperback. That’s the other plus, I don’t spend time shopping book sections like I used too either. – Rich (Interested? Read more here.)

The most useful item that I own is my coffee maker. It gets used daily and life may cease if it doesn’t! – Echo from The Mad Mommy

Pinterest…it’s the love of my life. Need a new hair do? Done. Need to find a picture of an organized space to inspire a client? Done. Need dinner? Done. Need to waste 4 hours of my life? Done and done. – T from Organized to a T

Fellow coffee fan here. I have a Contigo travel mug that I use DAILY. As a mom to two I live on coffee, but the Contigo makes it even better. Spill-proof (the lid even locks), because hello I have a toddler and an infant, and it also keeps coffee warm for up to 7 hours! You know kids don’t let you drink a cup of coffee in one sitting! It’s a lifesaver and was worth every penny. – Erin of Stay at Home Yogi

As a teacher and a blogger, my phone tripod. I make videos explaining math concepts for my students when they do not get something, and I like to make how-to videos for my blog. As a crafter, my Silhouette Cameo. I am able to make expensive looking gifts for my family and friends for a fraction of the cost that it would be to buy one. – Jameson Michelle of Lessons With Coffee

Slow cooker saves my life during the work week. Nothing better than coming home to a cooked meal and a delicious-smelling home. It frees up time to unwind (let’s be real: grade and lesson plan), pursue other interests, and catch up with Hubs. It takes such a weight of my mind plugging it in each morning! – Penny from She Picks Up Pennies

Aw! I wish I hadn’t read what you wrote about your Keurig but that’s definitely mine too! And I’m going to say my Ninja blender. I love making smoothies. – Elizabeth

My KitchenAid mixer. It is the only appliance other than my coffee maker (that I would die without), that is on my counter all the time. I use it at least every other day, if not daily. Everything from mixing bread dough, to muffins, whipping cream, pancake batter, etc. I LOVE it. – Nicole of Blissfully Simplified

My workout equipment. Specifically, my yoga mat, weights and running shoes. I’ve saved so much money by working out at home or dropping into a yoga class at Common Grounds (their classes are by donation). No initial gym membership fee or monthly payment. I’m currently looking for a used treadmill or elliptical. Oh… And don’t forget the gas used to drive to the gym or the cost of parking. I used to go to the lifetime downtown. They don’t have a parking lot for members. So on top of paying my monthly membership dues, I’d also have to pay for parking anytime I went to workout. – Sarah

I probably use my Misto more than any other kitchen item I own! – Lisa of Fun Money Mom

I bought a rice cooker at the Black Friday sales this year for $9.00 and it has been so handy in the kitchen. I cook barley, rice, Cous Cous, quinoa and whatever else I can add water too and walk away. It is a time saver because it cooks quickly and I don’t have to spend time watching over it. It’s not a fancy one and it does the trick just fine. – Jackie

Share Your Most Useful Thing!

Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little for some long-term simplicity. What’s your most useful thing that makes your life easier and better? Share in the comments!

Most Useful Thing
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  1. I would definitely have to agree I think my most useful thing is my Keurig too! Especially during the winter when it is cold out!

  2. I don’t own this yet, but I’m planning to sell my rice cooker and crockpot in the next few weeks and get an Instant Pot. Budget Bytes got one a few weeks ago, and I was amazed when she talked about making dried legumes in 22 minutes when she got home from work one day – like while she was in the shower – with no presoaking! I loved dried legumes, but don’t have the patience to babysit them boiling on the stove, so that’s a huge selling point for me…plus the ability to make yoghurt faster than the 16 hours in the crockpot, and get rid of two other appliances altogether.

    I also love the battery pack we have in my truck. I know it’s designed to restart my vehicle, but it holds a charge forever and to give it some use we’ve used it to play CD players at picnics, I’ve plugged in electric coolers in the car when picking up a big order of meat, we’ve brought it in the house to power appliances on the back deck when doing small repairs outside, and – because I’m always losing the car adaptor for my phone – I can just bring along my regular phone cord and plug it into the regular outlet. I wouldn’t have bought one, but now that we have it gets good use. I think it powered our deep freeze for about 5 days as a test, so we would definitely use it as a stand in for a generator in case of a power outage.

    This is not the exact model, but you get the idea:

  3. My goodness, I would have to say my vehicle! I’m pretty on-the-go, and if I had to take a service or public transportation, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish nearly what I’m able to now!

  4. Fun post! Hmm I thought of a few things right away including my oven and refrigerator! Crock pot is close behind along with my blender!

  5. So many things I need in my life! We have a remote for our bedroom lights, and that’s such a good answer. It’s so small, but I use it daily.

  6. What a great post! My silhouette sure has gotten it’s money’s worth! I’ve had it for almost 6 years and it’s still going strong!

  7. My essential oil diffuser! I am just learning about oils, but it’s already something I cannot live without. A few drops a lavender and it calms me right down before bed!

  8. That was fun to read everyone’s responses! I suppose my obvious one would be my phone, because I can’t live without it :). Kudos to the woman who gets a live in nanny!

  9. Is it horrible to say my TV? My husband and I are home all day every day. So TV — Hulu, Netflix, YouTube — keeps us sane (or our equivalent, anyway). Plus YouTube videos allow me to work out in and around my physical limitations because they’re so short.

    Otherwise, I’m going to go with laptop, since that’s how I work for a living but also a large source of entertainment. Or I could hop on the bandwagon of the guy with the travel mug. I got an amazing Contigo water bottle at FinCon ’14. I keep it by my side and that makes sure I stay hydrated. Here in the desert it’s easy to get dehydrated, which can lead to cold-like symptoms on the milder end but, on the other hand, full-on stomach flu symptoms.

  10. Our Bamix hand mixer. It has the power of a large blender and none of the clean up. We use it daily for breakfast smoothies and making baby food. It is such a great tool.

    I like seeing the comment here about the Roomba…this is something I am seriously considering!!

  11. I love seeing what we all feel is the most useful! You and I had the same item! Thanks for putting this together and for co-hosting the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup with me!

  12. We bought a good set of knives when we were first married that have been useful. My husband likes his garlic press. I like our immersion blender, so much easier to clean than our blender. I’m sure if I really thought about this I could come up with some better ideas.
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