10 Fun & Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your affection for your significant other and to spend some quality time alone together.  Unfortunately, if you’re strapped for cash, traditional dates like fancy dinners out, weekend getaways, or spa retreats are out of the question.

We often associate Valentine’s Day with spending money, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a fun, romantic evening!  Check out these 10 cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples on a budget.

Check out these 10 cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples on a budget. Click To Tweet

1. Grab lunch or dessert instead of going out to dinner.

Going out to dinner can put a dent in your wallet, and restaurants are always jam-packed on Valentine’s night.  A more affordable (and more relaxing) option is going out for lunch or dessert instead.  If you love going out to eat, you can still get the experience of going out – but with a smaller price tag.

2. Have a movie night at home and watch romantic movies.

Thanks to Netflix, you no longer have to pay to rent a movie, and you have plenty of options.  Check out something that’s romantic or has a special meaning for the two of you (like the movie you watched on your first date).

3. Cook for your significant other. 

Prepare breakfast-in-bed for your sweetheart or cook your significant other his/her favorite dinner.  This would be particularly special if you don’t normally cook. (I know my husband would be shocked if I did this!)

4. Be a tourist in your own city.

Visit a local landmark or park and take cheesy pictures!  If there’s a certain place that’s meaningful to you, that’s even better (where you had your first date, your first kiss, etc)!  Last year for Valentine’s Day, my hubby and I spent some time at the park where we had our wedding ceremony.  The park is right next to an art museum that offers free admission, so we spent the evening there.  Our date was completely free, aside from a small fee for parking.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about spending a ton of money and breaking your budget. Click To Tweet

5. Go out and enjoy the snow

Skiing and snowboarding are often expensive, but you can go sledding or have a snowball fight for free.  Get out your snow pants and have some fun.  Warm up afterward with some hot cocoa and blankets by a romantic fire.

6. Play romantic or thought-provoking board games.

If you’ve been with your love for a long time, things can get stale and you may feel like you already know everything there is to know about the other person.  To learn things you don’t already know about your sweetheart, play a game like Life Stories or Loaded Questions.  If you want to spice things up, try a romantic game like Dirty Minds or Truth or Dare.

Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas

7. Go ice skating or roller skating. 

Skating is a fun option for a couple and it’s pretty cheap!  My hubby and I have gone ice skating for $6 (at a local park) and roller skating for $10 at a roller rink.  If you’re talented skaters, hold hands and do some crazy tricks!  Otherwise, just enjoy watching the couples who look like professional figure skaters and try not to fall down (that’s what I do)!

8. Soak up some culture at a free museum. 

Many museums offer free admission – branch out and learn about a new topic.  You may also learn more about how your significant other sees the world.

9. Go to the zoo. 

If you’re both animal lovers, going to the zoo is a fun (and affordable!) option.  Many zoos offer free or low cost admission.  Take some cheesy photos together and have a blast.

10. Use Groupon to find a great deal on an event you can do together

Whether it’s a couples’ massage, or a kickboxing class, or a wine-and-paint night, you can find it on Groupon.

It’s not about the money.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about spending a ton of money and breaking your budget. It’s about showing your significant other that you care about them and enjoying some fun, romantic time alone together.  You absolutely can have an amazing Valentine’s Day for free or a low cost!

This fun guest post is from Jen of Frugal MillennialJen is an HR/Finance professional and a frugal lifestyle blogger.  Jen and her husband are working on a crazy goal of paying off $117,000 of student loan debt in just three years.  She writes about healthy eating on a budget, affordable wedding tips, destroying debt, and living frugally on her blog Frugal Millennial.

Jen of Frugal Millennial
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  1. I like movie night and board games ideas. I haven’t played board games in so long.

  2. I just recently moved into the D.C. (and by recently I mean 3 months ago) and have yet to really play tourist! I think that’s what my boyfriend and I really want to do when it starts getting warmer!

  3. I would be super impressed by any guy who invited me roller skating on a date! I also love being a tourist in my own city. I did that once for a spring break in college with my roommate and we really had a good time.

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