The Money Saving Habits That Just Won’t Stick

Personal Finance Habits

We all have those things

Those money-saving habits.

You know, the things we know we could do, should do, that would help our financial situation. If we could just get in the habit of doing them, we’d save some money. Maybe it wouldn’t change our entire situation, but it would be a step in the right direction.

Yet for some reason we just can’t seem to make it stick, or we just choose not to. As you’re reading this, something made have already popped into your mind. You may be thinking of you “thing” and feeling a little guilty. Don’t. We all have things we know can help our situation, but we just can’t seem to get in the habit of doing them. You’re not alone.

We all have those things. You know, the things we know we could do that would help our financial situation. Click To Tweet

For me, it’s drinking water. It sounds small, but I’m already pretty frugal and I don’t like paying for things, yet I totally disregard this free resource. Dr. Pepper is my weakness. I’ve tried several times to quit, but just can’t make it stick. When I’m not drinking Dr. Pepper, I’m adding flavored drink mix to my water.

Water is free. (Well, except my water bill.) It’s easy; no running out to buy it, don’t have to add anything to it, just turn on the faucet! It’d save me A LOT of money when I eat out. And it’s probably 1,000 times healthier than anything else I could drink.

know these things, but just can’t make it stick.

We ALL have these things.

Personal Finance Habits

You’re not alone

Here are some from the readers:

Eating out too much is always a budget buster for me. – Lauren

Meal planning to prevent the “what’s for dinner? Let’s just order out!” mess. – Suzanna of One Hoolie Mama

Dumping cable TV. That IS an addiction. – Randy

Buying store-bought baked goods! It would be so much cheaper to bake from scratch and the sad part is I’m a really good baker too!. – Erin of Stay At Home Yogi

Having satellite tv – it’s so awful but I MUST have my shows that I watch. – Katie of Love My Messy Messy Mess

Gas for my car. I know I could drive more efficiently, but I really like peeling out, jack rabbit starts and quick stops. I know I should really try to maximize fuel economy, I’m just not very good at it, except when I have passengers. – Scott

This applies to any budget area, but I am currently struggling with Groceries. Taking out cash for the week/month, and ONLY using that. No matter what. – Nicole from Blissfully Simplified

Go out to eat less or order more wisely when I do go out! – Lauren

Couponing! I really want to get back into it but I can’t find the time. – Hannah from Eat, Drink, and Save Money

Avoiding Target! – Nicole

Giving up pop! – Christina of Northern Cheapskate

The same as yours (water) – and bringing lunch to work! – Katy

I buy pop too often. – Sarah of the Recreational Gardener

The $1-$5 bins at Target. Not that it’s a lot of money, but I buy things here just because. – Nicki (When I did the Minsgame, it was depressing how much of it was from those Target bins. I used to buy so much from there!)

Buying coffee! So much cheaper to make it at home and bring it with you in the morning! – Tanya from Motherly Adventures

Being up at camp has helped my Caribou addiction, it was so hard to kick that. – Chris

My one splurge treat is craft beer. I buy single bottles at the store to try more beer, but a mix-and-match six-pack is more expensive than a six-pack of the same beer, or sometimes almost close to a price of a case of cheaper craft beer. But it’s my hobby and treat and I enjoy it. – Valerie of Kale & Ale (I think this could maybe count as blog research…)

Eating out! Such a bad addiction. – Amy

Eating fast food and pizza. I’ve blogged about it a couple of times. I don’t like the food, but I love having someone else do all of the work! We’ve been able to kick the habit so far in 2016 (fingers crossed!). – Jamie of Medium Sized Family

Spontaneous online clearance shopping. – Amy

Drinking diet pop instead of water. I should just give up pop. – Charlene from Thinking Outside the Pot

I could do my own mani-pedi but it’s so much more relaxing to go to salon. – Cheryl

Let’s do it together

I ran out of drink mix recently and I’m not going to buy anymore. When I run out of Dr. Pepper, I won’t buy anymore. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll learn to like water. I’ll lose some pounds and keep some cash.

Let’s do it together. We’re human, we all have vices and sticking points, but let’s give it a shot. What’s the one money-saving habit that just won’t seem to stick? Comment below and commit to it. Let’s motivate one another!

What’s the one money-saving habit that just won't seem to stick? Click To Tweet
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  1. I’m so bad when it comes to meal planning. I keep saying that I’m going to do it and never do it. Then when it comes time for dinner I’m the first to suggest ordering out or going out to our favorite place. Thanks for the post. Totally feel like a lot of those people and still do what they suggest not to do. Ah well, more for me to work on in the new year. Cheers.
    Chel recently posted…The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 RecapMy Profile

  2. Impulse purchasing notebooks, office supplies, etc. Using cash envelopes and only allowing my fun money to be the $20 I budget for myself each month.

  3. Hooray great post, thanks for using my satellite TV example – maybe one of these days 🙂 Sharing this, great work

  4. I have ordered Dr.Pepper from McDonalds so many times that my 2 year old is convinced that it’s the name of the store. Every time he sees those arches he yells “Dr. Pepper!!” haha

    Clearly I know exactly what you’re going through! I was proud of myself for drinking water today. 🙂

    • Lol! I’m glad to have someone who can relate! Great job with the water! It is getting a little easier for me to get in the habit of drinking water.

  5. Ahhhh yes to so many of these!!! The hardest for me is not eating out!! I’m always telling myself to just eat at home but Ughhh…. Why does food have to taste better when someone else makes it lol

  6. It’s probably snack sized stuff. I know snack sized is overpriced. I know it. But all three of us in my house have problems with portions, and buying snack sized stuff lasts longer and makes it easier to keep our portions under control, and since most of the stuff I’m talking about is not that good for us, limited portions are important.

    Good luck with the soda. I had a long soda addiction, which I kicked by picking up a multi year bottled water addiction. I finally moved to an infusion water bottle, and used slices of lemons/limes/oranges or mint leaves from my garden to flavor the tap water. That did it for me.
    Emily @ JohnJaneDoe recently posted…My Own Changes in Latitudes, Changes in AttitudesMy Profile

  7. It’s not really a habit but more of a failure to act: those subscriptions that are invoiced once a year and I can’t seem to find the motivation to cancel them. And then when January arrives the same amounts are withdrawn and I realize that I sucked again. For an entire year.

    I believe I’ve shredded them all this time around, we’ll see next January 🙂

    • I know how that is. I’ve set reminders on my phone to remember to cancel things when the free trial ends. Even if your subscription renewed, you may be able to get a prorated refund if you call to cancel!

  8. This made me giggle! My husband used to addicted to Coca Cola and it drove me nuts because it was expensive. One day, I just stopped buying it and only kept water and milk in the house. He complained at first but once I figured out he likes cold water and kept ice cubes readily available, he got used to it. Now, it’s just an occasional treat every once in a while. The dollar store is my weakness, too tempting for a teacher!
    lolobunny recently posted…Cutting The Costs Wherever You Can: Even Your Daily Caffeine Fix Can HelpMy Profile

  9. I gave up paying for tv. Now I share a netflix account with a friend, and pay 3.25 a month for it. No license fee to pay. Anything else I don’t need to watch that badly.

  10. I see I am in good company with the hardest one being eating out. I struggle with diet soda too, food just tastes better with it. But the one that really dings my budget more than anything else is the eating out. And it’s not even that I like it better than food I cook at home. For the most part, I could make stuff just as tasty. I just like to eat out and be lazy. I’m ever trying to break the habit!

  11. I see I am in good company with the hardest one being eating out. I struggle with diet soda too, food just tastes better with it. But the one that really dings my budget more than anything else is the eating out. And it’s not even that I like it better than food I cook at home. For the most part, I could make stuff just as tasty. I just like to eat out and be lazy. I’m ever trying to break the habit!

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