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Guys I have to confess: I don’t have a post for today. I was doing so well at staying ahead with drafts while the ideas were fresh, but recently both my drafts and ideas have run low. Oops. So I’ve decided to do one of those “Currently…” posts that I’ve seen other bloggers do. Just share a little about myself and what I’m into these days. You’ll learn a little more about me and I’ll have a post…whew. Ok, here we go!

Things Currently

Currently craving: Lately I’ve been really into Hershey Kisses. I’ve loved them since I was a kid but the obsession comes and goes and lately it’s ON! I bite the top off and suck on them.

Currently disappointed by: The changes to the Starbucks Rewards program. I get it, it makes sense, it’ll just take me twice as long to earn a freebie with my current method.

Currently reading: Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen. It’s ok so far. Somewhat useful, but a little dry. I’ll have a full review next week when I share reviews of the books I read in February. (January’s list is here!)

Likeable Social Media

Currently feeling: Excited and happy! The week is off to a great start! I was so excited on Monday to find that the Huffington Post ran one of my posts! Oddly it’s one I wrote about losing my dream job. I’m glad positive things are coming from that unhappy situation!

Currently listening to: I love rediscovering music in my library and recently it’s been Florence + The Machine. Seriously talented and the lyrics are like poetry. No Light, No Light and Shake It Out are some of my favorite songs period.

I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts lately too: while I’m in the shower, getting ready for work, driving, going through email, cleaning…pretty much any time I can have them in the background. I wrote a post awhile ago about some of my favorites, but lately I’ve been really interested in The Minimalists and their new podcast. I’ve ventured more and more into minimalism and their talks really resonate with me. They’re the bloggers that gave us the inspiration for the Minsgame I co-hosted last fall!

The Minimalists

Currently drinking: Water. Lots of water. I’m trying very hard to significantly cut back the amount of Dr. Pepper I drink. So far it’s been going well. I don’t drink it at work at all and drink a lot more water.

Currently watching: The only show I keep up with regularly is Grey’s Anatomy, but when I earn Amazon Video credits with No-Rush Shipping I buy episodes of Tiny House Nation or other tiny house shows. Tiny House Nation is my favorite though. I love how they customize these beautiful and fascinating houses! I should also add that I have a love/hate relationship with Grey’s. I’m watching because I’ve been loyal for a gazillion seasons, but I’m tired of the emotional roller coaster. I cry during nearly every episode!

I should also add that I have a love/hate relationship with Grey's Anatomy. Click To Tweet

Current goal: This. If you’re a regular reader, I don’t need to say anything else.

Pay Off Mortgage

Current new interest: I recently read Fast Food Nation, and while the food disturbed me, the overall talk about chemicals disturbed me the most. There was a section about how they create the beef flavor that gives McDonald’s french fries their distinct taste and how it was created by scientists, in a lab, practically alongside perfume and with a nearly identical process. There was nothing food-related or culinary about it. I’d never really given deep thought to how scents are created, but this really turned me off from all my fun girly scented products. So my latest interest has been switching to more natural products including cleaning, makeup, hair care, skin care, and general healthcare. Less chemicals and some still have a nice subtle scent. So recently I’ve been interested in learning more about this. The change in diet will come eventually too but it’s hard for me to change my eating habits…and those laboratory created french fries are darn good!

Currently…going to make dinner.

Thanks for bearing with me everyone. I will have some fresh content next week. Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! I’d love to learn about you too so please comment below with some of the things you’re currently doing or enjoying!

Things Currently

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  1. Congrats on cutting back on the Dr. Pepper! I’ve been “pop” free for about a week and a half now and it feels pretty good.

    And, I am also a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy! I love the show, but I’m starting to feel like it’s getting a little played out. But Shonda always has a way of hooking me back in! I’m going to have to stay away from the interwebs on Thursday night…. our local station is showing hockey tournaments instead so I’ll have to wait until Friday to watch.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. I’m sad about Starbucks too! I like to get cheap coffee or tea, grab my free refill, then get a huge fancy drink with my freebie. However, there are times where I’m treating a friend and spend $10 or more. Those times I get frustrated that I only earn one star. It’ll be interesting.

    I’m a Grey’s fan too. Even though the episodes are getting crazier and crazier, I can’t stop! Have you tried Scandal or HTGAWM?

    • I’ve thought the same when picking up drinks with friends. I haven’t watched those shows because I’m trying not to get hooked on more. Haha, I want to read more with my free time.

  3. Oh no! I didn’t know about the Starbucks rewards changes. Boo! Nice to find out some other things you’re up to, and looking forward to new stuff next week.

  4. I love Florence + The Machine. We tried to see her last summer, but her concert was sold out. Grammar Girl and a variety of NPR podcasts have been my go-to lately.

  5. Loved it!
    I think it’s my first time reading such a post, and it’s great to get to know you better, Heather.
    I’m currently trying to catch up with everything after 4 weeks of vacation and 3 weeks sick afterwards. I’ll get there. I’m sure of it.

  6. I love currently posts! They give you such a unique perspective into how bloggers are feeling at the moment! I am addicted to flipping shows, like Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop and Property Brothers. I also love House Hunters, probably because I dream of owning our own home someday! Thanks for being awesome and for co-hosting the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup with me!

  7. I’ve heard a lot about the changes to Starbucks rewards and it makes me mad:( They don’t have all the money in the world already and now it will take 2x longer to get a freebie…really??!!! I LOVE Starbucks coffee, but I may have to just go elsewhere and also beg for Starbucks gift cards:) I am also on a quest to drink more water

  8. I love this idea!!!! I am currently drinking a lot of coffee, working all day long and trying to lose weight.

  9. This was such a fun post to read! I’m also currently really obsessed with water. I go through phases where I hate water and then I absolutely LOVE it.

  10. I love this idea for a quick blog post catch-up/get to know you sorta post. Totally with you on Hershey Kisses … especially the “Hugs” of white and milk chocolate swirled together. Also TOTALLY with you about Florence + the Machine. I always thought “Shake It Out” would be my theme song if I ever had my own reality television show. 🙂

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