February: What I Read

What I Read This Month

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This month I finished up the books on my shelves and now I’m tackling the hundreds on my Kindle as part of my goal to focus on reading my own books before borrowing or buying more. I suspect I’ll be extremely tempted to break this during the book sale we’re having at work at the end of March. Proceeds go to charity….Anyways, here’s what I read in February.

What I Read In February!

Women Wartime Spies: Women’s History Series by Ann Kramer

I bought this book a long time ago and honestly I’ve started it 3 times, each time getting distracted by another book. It has a slow start, but this time I pushed through and I’m glad I did. It picks up and it’s really interesting! I never realized how large the spy movement was during World War I and II. I know a bit about modern military intelligence, so it was interesting to learn about the roots!

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser

Ok not to be corny and predictable, but this book seriously opened my eyes. And it’s not just about the food. I worked at McDonald’s for 5 years as a teen. It was my first job and I think I actually did learn quite a bit about leadership and management from the experience. But 12 years later and I still eat like crap and am not likely to be able to change that overnight. This book is motivating me to work on my diet, but it also opened my eyes to how many chemicals are in the things we use. We put them on our skin, in our mouths (toothpaste), and eat them in our food. Reading about how the flavor that creates the distinct taste of McDonald’s fries is made in a lab, the same place as many of our perfumes, kind of weirded me out. As I’ve gotten into minimalism, I’ve eliminated a ton of products from my daily routine, but I’m taking it a step further now and switching to chemical-free products when possible. (So far it’s actually been somewhat affordable, but that’s for a future post.)

Whatever your opinion about chemicals, food, whatnot, this book is still worth a read if not for the simple fact that it’s interesting.

Ok not to be corny and predictable, but this book seriously opened my eyes. Click To Tweet

Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence by Vicki Robin

I actually read half of this book years ago but started over this month. I was so excited at first, like I had a new perspective and appreciation for this book. I rarely write in my books, but I took notes all over the beginning of this one. There were some great thoughts and quotes that I shared on Instagram. But then about halfway through I started losing interest, so I skimmed the rest and called it good. That was my personal experience but so many finance bloggers rave about this book and how life changing it was for them, so it may be worth checking out.

Likeable Social Media, Revised and Expanded: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Amazing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, by Dave Kerpen

This was a pretty good read. Some things I knew, but there was still a lot of new information for me. I like that I can apply these tips to Simply Save as well as my 9-5 job. I’d highly recommend this for any new blogger, entrepreneur, or professional who manages any part of social media at your business.

Who Knew? Green Hints and Tips to Save Time, Money, and the Planet by Jeanne Bossolina Lubin & Bruce Lubin

I’m not supposed to be buying any books this year, but when I was selling my used books to Half Price Books, I found this one on clearance and also had a coupon, plus the trade in cash…so I caved. For less than $2 it was a good read. Tons of little ideas for saving money and being green in every aspect of your life. (The two really do overlap.) I later realized that this is an As-Seen-On-TV book and apparently the authors crank out tons of various “Who Knew?” books. Maybe that explains the frequent typos that drove me nuts, but still a good quick read for a few bucks.

How Much Lipstick We Eat

This little fact from the “Who Knew?” book really disturbed me!

What did you read in February? I want to hear it!

What did you read in February? I want to hear it! Click To Tweet

What I Read This Month

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  1. In regards to Fast Food Nation and the chemicals in toothpaste, I read a book about forming habits and it said that toothpaste originally didn’t foam but people weren’t using it so they found adding the foaming sensation created the sense of clean and so people remembered to start using it every day!
    Jill @ RunEatSnap recently posted…February Recap – Books I ReadMy Profile

    • I’ve heard the same thing! Same with soaps and shampoos etc…they added the foam because without it we didn’t think it was cleaning!

    • I’ve heard the same thing! Same with soaps and shampoos etc…they added the foam because without it we didn’t think it was cleaning!

  2. It sounds like you have read a lot of positively influential/educational books! Good on you, I hadn’t heard of any of these — thanks for sharing! I’m excited about Fast Food Nation.

  3. Heather, it sounds like we have the same goal of reading what we have before buying more. I figure that even if I read 2 books per week, it will take me about 6 years to read all of the books on my shelf and kindle. Yikes! Loved reading your reviews!

  4. I read fast food nation years ago. Have you seen the movie?

  5. Ah I need to read more! I see your posts on instagram about reading on the weekends and I get jealous, but it’s really my fault for not making time to read as much as I would like. On another note I did read Fast Food Nation a few years back and it didn’t immediately impact my eating habits, but some of the stories have stuck with me years later and honestly every day/week I’m moving closer to being a vegetarian and my “goal” is to one day be a vegan. It’s really the only way to have an impact on the practice of factory farming and generally unethical (again, it’s an opinion) treatment of animals.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Pet Horror Stories – Why You Need a Pet Emergency FundMy Profile

    • I’m with you on those goals. I have recently been toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian. It was that book combined with some videos that have me thinking. I just love animals too much. But I’m not one for cooking so I have to make sure I can find other foods to eat, so I’ve been experimenting this week.

  6. I need new books to read this month, so this is a great list! I will have to look into these books, thank you for sharing!

  7. I literally have 8 books on my Kindle that I’ve started and not finished! If I can get them all done this month, it’s going to look like I’ve read so much! 🙂

  8. Great recap, you had a great reading month. I finished And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini which was a book on my bookshelf, yippee! I also read In Another Life which was a elegantly romantic historical fiction/fantasy and now I’m reading The Gates of Evangeline which is a creepy paranormal mystery and really good so far.

    • I need to borrow some of that motivation! I have a sweet tooth and then sweets make me want a salty treat too and it’s a terrible cycle…

  9. This sounds like a great list of books. I have just gotten back into reading again. I do book reviews on my blog too. However, my review of the book I just grabbed for myself hasn’t gone live yet. That book is And the Greatest of These is Love by Staci Stallings. (It’s a romance, but it’s more drama than romance.)

  10. Haha, the lipstick thing is a bit disturbing! All of your nonfiction reads this month sound fascinating, especially the one about female spies. I’m glad once you pushed through the slow beginning, you ended up enjoying it 🙂

  11. Looks like you’ve picked some good books last month! I’ve read quite a few, some memoir, Young Adult, middle grade (with my 9 year old), and even some fiction. My favorite of the month was probably Year of Yes, which I finally got around to reading, and have been kicking myself for not reading sooner!!
    Jackie Lee recently posted…Year of Words Book Recommendations for ReasonMy Profile

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