Six Word Memoirs

Six Word Memoirs

Can you tell your memoir in 6 words? Smith Magazine created the concept of 6 word memoirs and it really made me think. It’s not easy to define your life in only six words. I asked some friends and bloggers what they thought and here’s what they came up with. Funny, sad, inspiring, profound…

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Six Word Memoirs

“Life in six? Too much pressure! ;)” – Erin from Stay at Home Yogi

“Had a life. Now have kids.” – Kellie

“Painted canvas a thousand layers deep.” – Kimi

“Love hard, eat well, travel often.” – Jen of The Mom Reviews

“Family First. Live. Love. No Regrets.” – Nicki

“Life is what you make it.” – Pascale of She Wanders She Finds

“HIM! Bad brain. Happily ever after.” – Patty

“She didn’t want to learn English.” – Francesca of

“I shouldn’t of said that.” (Said in the voice of Hagrid) – Michael (I’m going to say it’s six words because of “shouldn’t” and I love Harry Potter. And this really does fit Michael!)

“Didn’t go as planned; that’s okay.” – Jen of Frugal Millennial

Penny of She Picks Up Pennies is a teacher and said she’s done this exercise with her students and one said, “I have a twin; I’m better.” Ha!

“It sucked but now it doesn’t.” – Shannon

“Drank coffee. Ate bacon. Read books.” – Jeff of Intentionally Wandering (His blog used to be called Coffee, Bacon & Books! All the important things in life.)

“I wish I would breathe more.” – Angela of Making That Cake

“Mean well, but am often wrong.” – Lizzie of Fluffy Little Idiot

“She was a genius in failing.” – Annie of Office Blog (She also adds, “Now before executing that train of thought, let me say that: how you look at that memoir will depend heavily on how my life ends.”)

It's not easy to define your life in only six words. Click To Tweet

My Six Word Memoir

Mine? Some ideas…

So many books, so little time.

She wanted to change the world.

I guess it’s to be determined…

What’s yours? Comment below!

Six Word Memoirs

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  1. That’s so hard but what a great exercise!
    “Dream big things, do big things.” (the front portion of my “dream big things, do big things, make big impact” mantra but that’s 9 words ha!)

  2. When I saw your title I was thinking I don’t have a life memoir and then the minute I finished your post one popped into my head. Here it goes…
    Such is life; Now go live! I love this task and think I may use it with my students one day. Thanks for sharing at Small Victories Sunday.
    Lowanda J recently posted…True Vine Gifts Wine Jelly GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Haha I identify with Kellie. These types of posts are so fun! Eli at Coach Daddy does this monthly on a rotating theme. I think his stems from Hemingway rather than the six words site, though.

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