Switching To Chemical-Free Products

Switching To Chemical-Free Products

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Something I haven’t talked about much here is my recent switch to using chemical-free or non-toxic products. Strangely it was the book Fast Food Nation that had this impact on me. Reading about how scents and flavors of food are created in labs not much different from creating perfume fragrance really startled me. This is stuff you know but don’t really think about. The sad thing is that it hasn’t gotten me to change my diet yet; I know how counterintuitive it sounds to put crap IN my body but not ON my body. Trust me, I know. There will be a day where that changes but for now it was much easier for me to change products versus changing my entire diet.

A few months ago I started a quest to swap out cleaning products, beauty products, and more for chemical-free versions. I can’t take much credit at all for the research that went into selecting these products. Through a random conversation, I learned that one of my best friends has already been on this chemical-free journey and she was able to give me a ton of recommendations. The research behind finding and choosing a truly chemical-free product can be intensive and time-consuming, so I’m grateful that she shared her knowledge!

Early on in this journey my co-worker leant me Clean, Green & Lean which further inspired me. I also started eliminating plastic when possible, especially in the kitchen.

You’ll notice that many of these products cost more than their chemical-laden counterparts. My journey into minimalism has been all about “less but better.” I buy fewer things now, but I spend more on some items to get good quality and make sure it’s what I really want. (Ever want black heels and settle on a so-so pair because they were cheaper, only to be dissatisfied and buy another different pair? This is the kind of thing I’m trying to stop doing.)

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Going Chemical-Free

This topic may not be of interest to everyone and I know people may have different opinions on this stuff, but this is just something I’ve personally decided to do and am sharing in case anyone else was interested in considering some of these options.


  • Toothpaste: Tom’s
  • Chapstick: Out of Africa
  • Deodorant: PiperWai. I LOVE this stuff. It smells light and yummy and works great! At first it was a little weird getting used to applying it with my fingers but now I actually prefer that. It makes it easier to apply just what you need and not a bunch of excess. It’s a little pricey but it lasts months! It doesn’t travel well (gets a little soft) so I use Tom’s when I travel. Tom’s works ok for me, but not as great as PiperWai in my opinion.


  • I don’t wear much makeup these days, mostly just mascara and maybe some CC cream or tinted moisturizer. I have some eye shadow, mascara, and powder samples from Alima Pure. I really like them except for the price. I’ve sort of given up on eyeshadow though because it doesn’t stay well without a base, and that didn’t make the cut with my minimizing. My current daily staples are Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara and CC cream.
  • I seldom paint my nails anymore but I switched to Zoya for polish and use this polish remover.



  • In my quest to reduce plastic, especially for cooking, I got rid of most of my Tupperware and replaced it with glass containers.
  • I swapped my plastic water bottles for these glass ones. They still have a plastic sleeve, but it’s BPA-free at least. I keep one at home and one at work.


  • I replaced my plastic coffee thermos with this stainless steel one. This thing keeps my drinks hot forever! I also have this one that I like, but it doesn’t fit under my Keurig so I keep it in my car for random coffee stops.
  • I’ve replaced my plastic cooking utensils with bamboo and upgraded my cookware to ceramic.


  • Eliminating disposable items has really helped reduce my reliance on plastic!
  • I never thought I’d go down this road…but I’m an oils person now. Trying to reduce chemicals includes some over the counter medication. Plus I get a lot of headaches from an injury and taking stuff for them has caused stomach ulcers, so I’m all about trying anything before medication. I keep a headache roll-on stick in my purse. (It’s a migraine stick, but works fantastic for any headache) I use oils for anxiety, allergies, headaches, general blah and sick feeling, and for sleep. I also use tea tree oil for breakouts and bug bites.

Some of these are for my health while others are for the environment. It’s just been interesting how things have evolved for me…minimalism, simplicity, essentialism, green-living, mindfulness, and going chemical-free. It’s all intertwined and overlapping. Working on my diet is the biggest challenge, but one that will play into many of these things.

You can go really deep into this sort of thing, and I am just a beginner recommending what I like so far! I still have so much to learn.

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Switching To Chemical-Free Products

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  1. I’ve been a typical consumer my whole life. But everything changed a couple years ago. Now I make my own body lotion, deodorant and toothpaste. I’m ridding our home of as much plastic as possible and transitioning to glass containers. I’ve recently ordered for the first time beeswax food wraps and rechargeable batteries with a charger. Imagine never having to buy batteries again!

    • That is so awesome! You’re on a roll. I never thought of rechargeable batteries in my quest to eliminate disposable items! Going to make the switch now!

  2. It’s amazing how many chemicals go into our products. I just realized a few weeks ago how many chemicals go into some popular baby wipes. I never even would have thought baby wipes had chemicals! I switched to better ones but I need to do that with a lot of the other things I use on a regular basis too! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!
    Lisa @ Fun Money Mom recently posted…15 Simple Ways To Cut Corners And Save MoneyMy Profile

  3. This is a great post! My face wash and face lotion are all natural ones made here in Columbus. They’re both herbal and smell amazing. I have a few all natural make up items, but not as many as I’d like. And the cleaning products, I am totally on that bandwagon. I make an all natural, all purpose cleaner that works every bit as well as the chemical crap. And it costs almost nothing to make.

    I’m gonna check out the Prana clothing you suggested, too!

  4. I found your post when researching ways to go chemical-free and I’m excited to try some of your suggestions, especially the deodorant. I recently just bought Acure volumizing shampoo from Target and my hair is SO GREASY. Did you have that issue? Any ideas on what I should try? Thank you!

    • Hi Megan! I had that issue with Acure too but now I just shampoo every other day and it’s a lot better. They also have a clarifying shampoo that I use once a week or so since I don’t have a water softener. Also I LOVE Piper Wai deodorant! Love it! Good luck with your chemical-free journey and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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