Thirty Things I’ve Learned In Thirty Years

30 Lessons in 30 Years

I love birthdays. I’m excited to enter another decade! I lost a friend just 2 days before my 21st birthday and it is a permanent reminder that growing old is not a luxury we all get. So I embrace birthdays! Thirty feels like a big one so I wanted to share some lessons I’ve learned over the years. Most I wish I’d learned sooner, but isn’t that just how life works?

Thirty Lessons in Thirty Years

1. Embracing who you are is easier than trying to be someone you’re not.

2. You will have goals and dreams you haven’t even thought of yet.

3. Comfort does not equal happiness.

4. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.

5. Time is not a renewable resource.

6. A long life with retirement is not a guarantee, so it’s important to find balance with your finances and enjoy the present while saving for the future.

7. Despite your childhood goals, you can read a lot of books, but you’ll never read all the books.

8. There is unlimited information to absorb and things to learn. There’s no reason to ever be bored.

9. It doesn’t have to cost much at all to be happy.

10. Take opportunities. You never know where they might lead.

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11. Using a bunch of expensive hair and skin care products really doesn’t make you look all that different. (At least not for me)

12. Less is more.

13. You’re never too young to start saving money.

14. If you can learn from the bad experiences, that makes them at least a little bit good. (This is why I’ve lived by the word “Embrace” for over a decade.)

15. You can break the norms of society and do what you want instead of what you “should” do.

16. Spend a little extra for quality items as opposed to buying junk twice.

17. There are endless opportunities to do good, give back, and make a difference. Do it regularly and you’ll benefit as well.

18. Drown out the noise. Don’t be so connected all the time. Savor the quiet and still moments.

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19. There is no such thing as “just one more chapter.” (But I still tell myself there is…)

20. Wear sunscreen. Even on the cloudy days.

21. Being surrounded by things we don’t use makes us feel all sorts of negative things: guilt, anxiety, stress, pressure…without us even realizing it.

22. It’s ok to stay in on a Friday night. And Saturday night too!

23. Trying new foods can lead to some great things! (Shrimp, sushi, guacamole…)

24. Life is all about balance; in time, money, relationships…

25. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel and often. That you love them, appreciate them, are proud of them…

26. Decision fatigue is a real thing.

27. Progress not perfection. (One of my favorite thoughts from Jeff Sandquist of Intentionally Wandering)

28. “Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.” –Bill Nye. Learn from each other.

29. Just because you buy a house doesn’t mean you need to go buy all the “typical” homeowner stuff. Wait and see what you actually need and enjoy.

30. You don’t need a lot of friends, just a few really good ones.

Time is not a renewable resource. Click To Tweet

More Lessons To Come

I hope to never stop learning and growing. My 20s felt like the time when I really started to figure it all out but I have a feeling my 30s will teach me a lot too. I spent the first half of my 20s trying to fit into the little mold that society and the world sets for you and it wasn’t until pretty recently that I started to break free of that. Now that I’ve let go of “should” I can’t wait to really enjoy my 30s!

30 Lessons in 30 Years

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  1. Happy birthday! All the lessons you’ve learned are great except for one… it’s really a tragedy we can’t read all the books! Hope you have an amazing 30th!

  2. Happy birthday! I’ve told people over and over that my 30s have been so much better than my 20s, and I hope this holds true for you. These are all wonderful lessons, and I appreciate your insight. Enjoy you birthday, and may it be spent exactly how you’d like it to be spent. 🙂

  3. I love this post so much that I’m saving it for future reference. I think my 30s was the best decade. Hands down.

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