Stuff Set Me Free

Stuff Set Me Free

First I wanted to save money, so I stopped buying so many things.

Once I stopped buying so many things I realized things don’t make me happy; I am happier with fewer things.

Then I realized that the concept of “less is more” applies to various aspects throughout my life.

So I set out to simplify.

Once I realized that society trains us to need all the things, I also realized that society influences (dare I say brainwashes?) us in a lot of ways.

So I broke the chains and started doing the things that make me happy, despite what society would think. I started to see the difference between what I really want versus what the world wants me to think I want.

And if I’m going to buy less and not care what people think, I could afford to buy things that sit well with my soul. I can embrace my inner hippie and not give a damn how “weird” I’ve become.

This sent me back to my eco-friendly roots and I realized how much waste is created because of all the things society wants us to believe.

I realized there could be a different way.

I craved a more minimal and simple life that felt right to me and better for the world.

For me personally, that means less chemicals, more natural remedies, less waste, fair labor conditions for the people who make the things I buy, and eventually it will impact the food that I eat.

Once I started to buy less stuff and stopped chasing society’s carrot…I had the time, space in my mind, and money to consider these things.

And then I was free.

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