Halloween Treats: Cute & Creepy Bugs (and more)

Cute & Creepy Bugs

Every year my friends Amanda and Tom host a really great Halloween party with elaborate treats, costumes, and themed food. They had a baby just a few weeks before last year’s party, so it was potluck style and everyone brought their own Halloween treats! I made cute and creepy bugs!


  • Chocolate mini donuts
  • Large pretzel twists (The mini ones are too small)
  • M&Ms
  • Chocolate or icing

Halloween Bug Treats

Large pretzels were surprisingly hard to find but I ended up finding some at Walgreens of all places, with the small snack sized bags, not in the regular snack section. You’ll want to carefully use a sharp knife to cut the two curved sides of the pretzels. Carefully is the key word here. I didn’t have a lot of patience and broke a lot of pretzels. Oops.

Carefully poke the legs into the donuts. Be gentle so that you don’t break the pretzels or squish the donuts. You can do 6 or 8 legs, but 6 ended up fitting a little better for me. You’ll want to leave room for the eyes.

Melt some chocolate or use some icing to dab on the M&Ms and stick them on as eyes and you’re done!

Cute & Creepy Bugs

Halloween Bug Treats

More Great Halloween Treats!

Here are some of my favorite treats from the party!

Creepy Cheese Dip

The face seriously creeped me out but it tasted delicious! Rumor has it a mask was used to get the shape.

Halloween Cheese Dip

Pretzel Bones

Pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows, and almond bark!

Halloween Pretzel Bones

Pumpkin Patch

A fun twist on the childhood worms and dirt snack!

Pumpkin Patch Treat

Witch’s Hat Cookies

Fudge stripe cookies, some orange icing, and a Hershey kiss! So cute!

Witch Hat Cookies

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  1. I love how EASY these all look – but I gotta say, I don’t know if I could do the face, It’s too… face looking. Perfect for a Halloween party tho 🙂 thanks for linking up at Share the Wealth Sunday!!

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