This Is Contentment

Things I love about my new little house:

Keeping time by the ring of the nearby church bells.

The sound of silence and crickets.

Being able to sleep with the windows open.

Feeling like my house is wrapped all around me.

The quiet and sounds of a neighborhood while reading a book outside.

Things feel a bit more spread out in the suburbs.

Seeing the stars.

Walking to work.

Being able to let Max out over lunch if I need to work late.

Water heats up fast, house cools down fast, and house warms up fast!

Lower utility bills. (Saving money and the planet!)

Feeling like I’m part of a community.

The trees and squirrels in the backyard that Max will sit and stare at for hours.

Because the house is smaller and I have the windows open much more often than at my old house, it feels like the outdoors are closer…almost like camping and instantly makes me feel more relaxed.

Seeing the spotlights in the sky from the nearby casino, reminding me of seeing the same lights from my bedroom window as a kid.

Finally feeling some sort of tie to home (since I grew up in the next town over) instead of drifting about like I have been for the past 12 years.

Having a home and a life that I don’t need a vacation from.

This is contentment.

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This Is Contentment

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  1. Wow, your last line says it all! What a wonderful statement. I know most people love to travel, but I’m just not one of them. While there are still a few more places I’d like to visit, I don’t need a pricey vacation every year to get away, as I find fulfillment right at home. That may be partly because I don’t make a huge salary and simply can’t afford it! Luckily my hubby feels the same way & we’ve invested in our backyard by building some awesome decks to enjoy every year for ourselves & entertaining. Its also added value to the price of our home.

    • I SO agree! I used to feel like I “should” travel or want to travel, but I love my home! I do enjoy seeing family in other states, but then I’m ready to come home.

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