Say Yes To Giving

Say Yes To Giving

Recently I read Year of Yes and was worried it might bother me because as I’ve simplified my life, 2016 has become the Year of No. I had no reason to be concerned because it was a great book. I’ve said No to a lot of things this year, but one thing I have said Yes to is giving.

For years I’ve given monthly donations to a charity that is dear to me, and shopped with Amazon Smile, and I’ve long enjoyed finding little ways to give back, but this year I’m taking it up a notch. I still do the monthly donations, I also lend on Kiva, and donate the things I’ve decluttered. My employer is always providing neat opportunities to give back: school supply drives, adopting a family for the holidays, blood drives, pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House…and I’m saying yes, yes, yes, and yes. I post pictures of the books I’m reading on Instagram and when someone comments about wanting to read one, I offer to mail it to them.

Red Cross Blood Drive

A friend of mine has been such an inspiration lately in her efforts to do many small things to make the world a better place and teach her young daughter some amazing lessons. She was collecting Kohl’s Cash to put towards the purchase of a bunch of winter coats for kids and while I didn’t have any Kohl’s Cash, I could at least send a check. Yes. She’s one of my main inspirations this year.

I’m more inclined to buy a friend or coworker coffee without expecting payment in return. I’m way more into spontaneous gifts, cards, or text messages when I’m thinking of someone. I recently saw something in the local news about sponsoring a high school graduate that could not afford things like a cap, gown, and yearbook, so that they could have these high school mementos. Yes. I try to hold the door open for people more. Yes. Friend publishes a book? I’ll buy it.

A little extra kindness never hurts. Click To Tweet

I’ve found that since I no longer buy so much stuff for myself thanks to minimalism and simplification, that frees up more funds to give to others.

This post is not some weird bragging post…it’s more just a suggestion to say yes to giving. No matter what you feel about the election or the things in the news, it’s been a rough year for the world. A little extra kindness never hurts. It does good and I guarantee it’ll feel good too.

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This is the time of year when people think more about giving, and that is great. However, say yes to giving throughout the year! There are many tiny ways to add some good to the world and tons of ways that don’t involve money. Practice kindness, give what you don’t need, give time.

How will you say yes to giving?

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  1. One of my favorite ways to give is paying a utility bill for a family in need. Normally all the utility office needs is an address and I pay in cash so I can remain anonymous.

    Utility assistance is scarce and is often limited to one time a year and/or only a small percentage of the bill is paid. I

  2. I love this! Even the smallest acts of giving can make someone else’s day, and that’s definitely worth it 🙂 I’m holding off on giving financially until my student loans are paid off, but I do donate items to charity every time I de-clutter. I also donate my time through volunteering. One of the reasons why I’m motivated to achieve financial freedom is so that I can give generously in the future.

  3. There are so many good things to say yes to, it can be overwhelming but I don’t think you can go wrong with giving kindness, time and love. What a great post and great ideas!

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