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Breaking Up With Social Media

This month I minimized Facebook and Twitter. You can read about the Facebook break up here. I only ever had Twitter because to be a successful blogger you’re “supposed” to have Twitter. But I never really got into it and it was just one more thing to keep up with. Buh bye.

Since quitting Facebook I’ve started texting friends and family that I miss. Having real conversations instead of just “liking” their posts. It’s been refreshing to say the least!

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I do still have Instagram because it doesn’t totally drive me nuts yet. I’ve made some great friends on there and the posts I see in my feed keep me inspired and motivated.

On Finances

My baby sister left for the Air Force a few weeks ago! I could not be more proud and am really glad I went on that last minute trip to see her off. With her being gone come a few expenses, such as stamps, greeting cards (which I don’t usually buy, but getting mail is such a morale booster at boot camp!) and plane tickets and a hotel room for her graduation in January. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

Proud Air Force Sister

Max the dog also had a big vet bill this month. Nothing wrong, just vaccinations and stuff.

And then there is budgeting for Christmas. I don’t think it’ll be anything big this year since my sister is gone and I won’t be going home. My coworkers and I adopted a family though, so I will have some gifts to budget for.

So there is a lot of money going out right now, but nothing I can’t handle. It just means I won’t be making as many extra mortgage payments right now. I did learn that I should be receiving a decent sized refund from my insurance company from the insurance on the house I sold. Also, I achieved my goal of getting my mortgage down to 5 figures by the end of the year! That is really making me motivated to pay this thing OFF!

On Simplifying

I cannot say enough good things about how simplifying has had a positive impact on my life. In so many facets. It really is a journey; I don’t think you’re ever “done.” As you tweak things and let go you start getting a more and more clear sense of what is most important to you, and it evolves from there.

I was really excited to experience the first snow, all cozy in my small new house, but I didn’t realize just how great it would be. Back in the day when I was commuting, if there was snow I wouldn’t sleep well. I’d constantly be checking how much snow there was to see how early I needed to wake up to clear the driveway and start my slow commute. I’d get up early, bust out the snow blower (if it was working) and then have a long, slow, white knuckle drive to work. Great start to the day. Or I’d have a long slow commute home with a driveway full of snow waiting for me to shovel.

But now…it snowed the other day, that wet heavy kind of snow. It wasn’t too much, but the plow had come by and I would have at least needed to shovel the end of the driveway to get my car out, after I dug the car out (since I don’t have a garage at this house.) And then I would slip and slide to work. But here’s what happened: I slept well, woke up at my normal time, saw the snow outside and thought, “heck no.” I put on my boots and walked to work. By the time I got home the snow on my driveway had melted. No bad sleep, no early morning, no shoveling, no long scary commute. I cannot explain the stress that lifted off my shoulders! I didn’t intend to move so close to work, but the perks are amazing!

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Also I was recently interviewed for a friend’s blog, Fiscally Fit Chica! You can read it here.

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  1. I really admire your “break up” with social media! I don’t know if I could do it with Facebook, but I am trying to be more mindful of how much time I spend on FB. I could definitely quit Twitter though… I can’t stand Twitter, but like you, I felt like I “had” to have it as a blogger.
    Frugal Millennial recently posted…27 Things I’m Thankful ForMy Profile

    • Thanks! You know how you’ve talked about abstainers versus moderators? I’m not so good at moderating, so I need to abstain for now. I miss Herbie pictures though!

  2. I also have twitter because I am “supposed to” as a blogger. I have some fun on it occasionally, but it is exactly that… a very occasional thing. I just don’t have the time or the motivation to keep up with all the social media platforms. Good for you to actually make the decision to cut it out.
    Jena recently posted…Follow-Up On My Email DeclutteringMy Profile

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