Walking To Work: Little Change, Big Impact

Walking To Work

Since moving last summer, I now live only a few blocks from work. It was a weird adjustment at first, but I’ve finally started walking to work most days, even in the winter. I actually prefer it now and get bummed out when I have to drive for some reason or other. So why is walking to work my new slice of happiness?

It’s environmentally friendly.

It gets me up and moving.

It’s faster than driving, especially on cold snowy days. (No more waking up early to dig out of the drive way and leave early to make it to work on time!)

It saves me money on gas.

I don’t have to deal with driving in bad conditions or the stress of a commute, even if it is only a few blocks.

There’s just something that feels more right about enjoying the outdoors instead of sitting in a car. I’m sure there’s some scientific research somewhere about being in nature versus commuting.

I notice neat little things in my neighborhood.

It saves me money because without having a car at work, I’m way less likely to go out to eat for lunch or make a coffee run.

It forces me to stay at work for lunch and enjoy time reading a book. Which is really what I’d rather do, but when I have a car, the temptation of fast food usually wins.

It allows me to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of rushing from A to B.

It gives me some quiet time with my thoughts to prepare for the day or decompress at the end of the day.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. Click To Tweet


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  1. I totally think that mornings aren’t meant to be spent driving in a car. It should be spent walking outside or having someone else driving for you so that you can spend time decompressing, just like you said! I know for myself, I typically bike over to the light rail station and then take the light rail to downtown St Paul. When I worked in downtown Minneapolis, I biked everyday, unless it was raining, in which case, I’d then take the bus into work. Either way, driving just wasn’t for me.
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    • That’s smart! I haven’t totally figured out public transportation yet, but walking has been so simple. Especially on snowy days when everyone has to dig out and leave early. Not me…I just put on my boots!

  2. I used to live 15 minutes from work and I walked year round, and we get some pretty cold winter days. I miss that daily walk. It gave me time to think & clear my head and it kept me in shape.

    • That’s awesome! It gets cold here to but I’ve started bundling up and I’ve been fine! It’s amazing what dressing for the weather can do haha.

  3. Good for you. I walk just for exercise and stress relief. Living in the country has it’s benefits, but I definitely can’t walk to work. I don’t know how long you have taken to the “road,” but I bet you’ll find in time, your clothes will fit looser too!

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