Weird Reasons I’m A Minimalist

Reasons For Minimalism

I’ve gotten into minimalism for a variety of reasons: saving money, taking care of the environment, and the fact that it simply makes me more happy and less anxious. But there are two somewhat strange reasons I journeyed into minimalism…

1. My cat’s a jerk

He’s adorable; in fact he’s darn lucky he’s cute, because he’s kind of a punk. He gets into everything. I mean everything. He actually locked me out of the house once by opening a drawer right behind my front door, so I couldn’t open the door. We now have child latches on things. But seriously he chews cords, k-cups, cabinets, paper, picture frames, mail, jackets, books, and anything that remotely resembles food. He opens drawers and cupboards and climbs curtains.

But he’s also the sweetest, most cuddly little guy.

I rescued him as a kitten and he started with the curtains and I thought to myself, “You can have curtains, or you can have Milo.” So I took the curtains down. This question/scenario has repeated itself many times over the past 2 years and Milo keeps coming out on top.

I used to be the kind of person that wanted everything to be perfect and just so and would get stressed out when it wasn’t. Milo has changed that. The simple question of which do I want more has put things into perspective for me.

So I still have Milo…but I have a lot less clutter and things in my house. This cat is keeping me a minimalist.

Cat Shaming

2. I don’t feel like cleaning

It’s not that I am a messy person, quite the opposite. Like I said, I like things to be just so. But that can take a lot of time and energy to keep up with when you have all sorts of things to clean, dust around, and items to keep in working condition. I’m not lazy, I just recognize that time is not a renewable resource and I’d rather spend my time doing other things than cleaning.

For me that means owning less stuff, having less clutter, fewer appliances and technology to keep up, a smaller driveway to shovel etc. My new house does not have granite countertops, which is less maintenance for me. This house also does not have tile and grout for the bathroom floor or shower, which I am thrilled about. I felt like I was fighting a 4 year-long battle with the grout at my old house.


Minimalism is a journey and it looks different for everyone. We all have different reasons that we get into minimalism and those reasons evolve over time. There are some common reasons (finances, the environment) but sometimes the most random things push us towards minimalism! Like a cute cat that is just too smart for his own good.

Do you have any unusual reasons you practice minimalism?

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  1. I LOVE less clutter! We have lived in our apartment for 6 months now and I’m ready to go another round of purging! Minimal stuff, plenty of life!

    Great read! Milo is one lucky ?!

  2. My parents were both hoarders and it got worse after all of us kids left. When my son was tiny, I wouldn’t bring him to their home because there was no place for him to be, so he missed out on time with his grandparents. As my parents aged, visits to them consisted of weekends of doing nothing but throwing away their trash so they had a livable space. I once spent an entire weekend clearing out their bathroom – I found makeup I had purchased as a teen in the 1980s and Graham counted 23 EMPTY Lancôme face cream boxes. A year would pass by and the trash would accumulate and my siblings and I would have to clear it all out again. When my dad died and we cleared out the house for sale, we removed 12 dump trucks full of lumber, filled 2 flatbed trucks and 2 dumpsters full of trash and much, much more junk that I can’t even quantify. I know that hoarding is a mental illness but it always felt like our parents chose living with their stuff over us. And when they could no longer cope with all their stuff, they left it to us to clean it up. So I keep trying to minimalize because I don’t want to held hostage to stuff any longer and I don’t want my son to live in a chaos house – or have to clean up after us like I had to clean up after my parents.

  3. Less clutter makes it a lot easier to find things, and also it is less to pack up if you move. I’ve had 4 moves in the past 15 years (one abroad) and I get more ruthless with getting rid of stuff with every move. “You can have curtains, or you can have Milo” – I can relate so well to that! 🙂

  4. I currently live in the smallest studio ever, so minimalism is pretty much forced. Its a huge change from when I was 23 and living in a 2 bedroom townhouse….by myself. I had my place filled with stuff. And while I still have plenty of things at my parents house, I hope that when I do eventually move, I will keep the minimalism style.
    katie recently posted…Throw it out, Let it go.My Profile

  5. I loved this, because between two dogs and two cats, they can all be jerks about certain things. I never thought of it in the context of minimizing. Guess they have been helping me out all along!

  6. Haha that’s funny! Milo is so adorable, even if he is a jerk 🙂 I don’t know if this is really a “weird” reason for being a minimalist, but my mom is the opposite of a minimalist. She’s not literally a hoarder, but she loves stuff and has tons of it. She’s constantly buying new things, replacing furniture with new furniture, and rearranging all of her decor/furniture. She’s never satisfied with the way things look, and she’s always unhappy and frustrated. I wonder if she’d be happier if she got rid of half of her stuff. My goal is to only buy things that I truly love and to create a space that reflects what’s most important to me…instead of one that’s full of a bunch of junk that I don’t even like that much and will want to replace soon.
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