What IS Minimalism?

What Is Minimalism

I am so thrilled and excited that many of my “non-minimalist” friends have watched the Minimalism documentary and seemed to really enjoy it. Even if you’re not into minimalism, this film is really just about living with intention. Anyone can take a little something away from it.

I’m involved in a few minimalism groups online and it seems like there are sometimes some misconceptions about what minimalism is. I’m certainly no expert, but over the past few years I’ve picked up a thing or two, and also asked for feedback from fellow minimalists.

Minimalism is not…

Having a certain number of things.

Just about getting rid of things.

Giving up everything you love.

Living in an empty house with bare white walls. (unless that’s your style!)

About deprivation.

The same for everyone.

Defined by any rules.

Following a trend.

A competition.

The same as being organized. They may overlap, but being organized does not mean someone is a minimalist.


Minimalism is…

A lifestyle.

A journey.

A completely individual experience.

Different for everyone.

A community.

Sometimes different at different times of your life. (age 20 versus age 50 for example)


Feedback from other minimalists:

I asked some friends in these minimalism groups for their thoughts and they had such beautiful words!

Minimalism is not forgetting to live, minimalism is living.

Minimalism is not a number, minimalism is being free of your things owning you.

Minimalism is not an empty room, minimalism is a full heart.

Minimalism is curating your way to the life you actually want to live instead of the one that was advertised. (<—– THIS!!!!)

Minimalism is not missing out on life… Minimalism is having breathing space to focus on what is most important so you can truly live!

Minimalism is not deprivation. Minimalism is freedom.

Minimalism is permission to let go.

Minimalism is not a one size fits all. Minimalism is expressing yourself through loved and purposeful items.

Minimalism is not living without. Minimalism is making more space for what you love.

What is minimalism to YOU?

No matter where you are in your journey, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran minimalist, remember there are no real rules. Minimalism looks different for everyone. You can’t do it “wrong.” It’s not a competition. You do YOU.

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  1. I love the collection of statements about what minimalism is. I’ve read some really good articles and them some that scared me a bit. I got a little turned off when someone suggested giving away your animals. I guess just like anything else we each have our own definition. Thanks!

  2. Oh I love those definitions! I’ve been calling myself an aspiring minimalist, but I do believe I have the mindset of a minimalist, but our house doesn’t necessarily reflect that! To me, minimalism is about living according to your values and with intention. A big first step for me has been Decluttering and looking at all of my things intentionally and with intent – getting rid of it when it doesn’t provide joy or value. Before, I would have just let it sit around indefinitely
    Angela @ Setting My Intention recently posted…15 Items to Declutter Right Now!My Profile

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