Let’s Bring Kindness Back

Be Kind

I don’t love Valentine’s Day. Even when I’m in a relationship. In my opinion it’s a highly commercialized holiday, just another money-making industry. I feel like we should show people that we love and care about them all year long. Even people that are not our significant others…friends, family, strangers. In fact, I think it’s the unexpected gestures that mean the most. Not “I bought you these flowers because it’s a holiday and I’m supposed to buy you something,” but instead, “I bought you these flowers on a random day because I wanted to make you smile.”

We should generally be kind human beings and sadly, I think that is becoming uncommon. We get so wrapped up in the hustle of life and our own issues that we forget to pause and look outside ourselves.

Here’s some refresher training in kindness and hopefully some inspiration:

Hold the door open for someone.

Look up from your phone and smile at people you pass in the hall.

Next time you’re out to eat or out for coffee say, “This one’s on me.”

Say good morning to coworkers you pass.

Tell friends and family you love them on a regular basis, even just an out of the blue text message. You cannot say this enough. Even if it feels awkward, you likely will never regret telling someone you care about them.

Let the people in your life know you’re there for them or you’re thinking about them.

Let that car with its blinker on get in front of you.

Bring treats to the office just because.

Pay for the person in line behind you. (This always cheers me up when I’m having a bad day.)

Send a card or letter in the mail.

Have some extra vacation to spare? Donate an hour or two to a coworker who needs some because of a medical or life situation. (If your employer allows)

Go somewhere and volunteer for a few hours.

Pick up trash that you see on the ground. Don’t just walk by.

Shovel your neighbor’s driveway or mow their lawn.

Pick up some food to donate to the local food shelf, or toiletries to donate to a shelter.

If you have the skill and interest, knit or crochet hats, mittens, scarves etc for those in need.

Be polite to the people who are trying to help you with something: waiters, cashiers, servers, baristas, the customer service person on the phone. It’s sad that this even needs to be said, but we can be so rude to people that we interact with for only a few moments because we feel like we will never see them again, yet those people deal with rude people all day. I know this is especially one I need to work on. I have a hard time being patient when I have to call any sort of customer service.

How will you bring kindness back?

What ways do you like to show kindness? Comment below!

Be kind today, Valentine’s Day, and every day!

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  1. My hubby & I never celebrate valentine’s day because he doesn’t like the pressure or fakeness of it. But you know what? This year I’m surprising him with his favourite tea and I’m making cookies. Valentine’s day was my dad’s bday ( he passed away 10 years ago) and I just always feel kind of empty doing nothing on that day.

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