Make Space For What You Love

Last summer I downsized to a fairly small house. (More about that here.) My previous house wasn’t huge or anything, but for one solo minimalist, it was starting to feel pretty big. My last house was 1,000 sq. ft with a full, unfinished basement, shed, and two car garage. My new house is 720 sq. ft with no basement, no garage, and a small shed.

Even though I’d been into minimalism for a good year, already parted with quite a bit, and even completed the Minsgame by that point, I still had some minimizing to do to make this work. At least skim this list of random crap I got rid of in preparation to downsize, but keep scrolling because there’s more good stuff below.

Things I Got Rid of to Downsize:

  • Grill
  • Patio furniture set
  • Treadmill
  • Guest bed
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Dining room table (new house has an island to eat at)
  • Small kitchen table
  • End table
  • 3 random tables
  • Work bench
  • Leaf blower
  • Misc tools
  • A bunch of holiday decorations
  • Shovel
  • Printer
  • Ottoman
  • Weed whipper
  • Various knick knacks
  • Random wall art and decor
  • Tower fan that never really worked
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Various kitchen gadgets and small appliances
  • Endless clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup, lotions, etc
  • Dog kennel
  • Craft supplies
  • Steam mop
  • Various storage bins, drawers, and shelves
  • Steam carpet cleaner
  • Cookbooks
  • Board games
  • Cable TV
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • A commute filled with rush hour traffic

This was a great opportunity to part with anything I’d been considering but hesitating on. The point isn’t deprivation; it’s about making space for what matters most. You may see this list and ask, “But how can she live without a grill?” or any of the other items. But these are just things that I personally am either not really into, never used, or didn’t feel add much value to my life.

It was a houseful of stuff that I mostly bought because I thought I should have these things. I have a house now so I should have all these house things. I should be prepared to entertain, even though I never really like entertaining. I should have this stuff because it’s what any responsible adult is supposed to have.


It’s not what enjoy, what want, what I like.

I’m done with should.

Getting rid of this stuff gave me more room in my house, mind, wallet, and life for the things I really love. Like books, meaningful artwork and decor, more free time and a more simple life.

Your list will likely look a lot different from mine. Minimalism is unique to each individual. There’s no master list of what to keep and what to part with. The thing I can’t live without might be the first thing in your “toss” pile.

Whatever things are on your personal list, strive to make space for what you love.

*It’s been 8 months since I moved and I haven’t had regret about a single item I minimized.

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  1. Impressive! Its funny all the “should’s” we have in life instead of doing what’s right for us. I’ve sold some books & home décor recently. I used to buy wall art at the big box chain stores…and there is nothing wrong with that they have some great stuff..but recently I decided I wanted to support local artists so I’ve visited some local galleries that offer affordable artwork by artists in our area. I now love having a piece of artwork that has a connection to my community & country. It brings me joy.

  2. It’s interesting how so many of the things we own are things we think we “should” have. I think so many people see minimalism as deprivation, when really it’s about making room for the stuff that matters (like you said).

  3. As a former snowbird wannabe to a snowbird willbe, this will be one less closet for overcoats….

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