Letter To My 21 Year Old Self

Letter To My 21 Year Old Self

Dear Young, Naive Heather, The financial choices that you make and habits that you develop in your 20s really set the foundation for your financial future. Retirement and emergency savings are probably the last thing on your mind, but they… Continue Reading

Finding Balance With Finances (and the Week In Review)

Finding Balance With Finances

I spent a lot of money this week. Let’s just get that out there. I actually debated not sharing this, but that would defeat the purpose of these weekly updates…to show that a regular person can save money, but is… Continue Reading

Crazy Impulse Buys: You’re In Good Company

Crazy Impulse Buys

Ever made a crazy impulse buy and later thought, “What was I thinking?” Marketing experts target and feed off of our impulses. Products are designed, advertised, and placed in a way to entice us to snatch them up impulsively. Stores use… Continue Reading