Question Everything

Question Everything

I’ve become a bit of a skeptic. It seems that for the past year or so, my mantra has become “Question Everything.” We buy things without even thinking about why we’re buying it, if we need it, or if it… Continue Reading

As The Year Comes To An End

Paying Off Debt

Looking Back: 2016 was the year where I started to really understand my values and actually started living them. Downsized to a smaller house Downsized to a more affordable car Switched to non-toxic products Quit Facebook Started walking to and… Continue Reading

November: What I Read & Watched

What I Read This Month

*This post contains affiliate links. What I Watched I seldom watch much but this month I watched a few noteworthy things:  Before the Flood This National Geographic documentary breaks down climate change and global warming into terms we can all… Continue Reading