Ipsy: Why I Allow Myself This Splurge

Earlier this year I signed up to get a “Glam Bag” from ipsy every month. At $10 a month, that’s $120 a year. I rarely sign up for recurring memberships like this, so why this one? Well because it’s fun, and I don’t think it’s terrible to have one fun splurge, especially if it’s just $120 a year. Plus it really is a good deal! Each month you get a super cute makeup bag with 5 beauty items in it. A lot of the items are trial sized, but some are full-sized. One month I received a small makeup primer in my bag and saw the same size for $9 at Target. One of my five items in my $10 dollar bag was $9 on its own…not a bad deal!

If you’re super committed and loyal only to certain brands then ipsy probably isn’t for you. But if you’re open to trying new brands, then it’s perfect! I’m really not terribly picky with brands…I’ll go with whatever is the best deal usually. When you first sign up for ipsy you take some short quizzes about your preferences so the items can be slightly tailored to your tastes. Each month you also have the opportunity to rate the items you received, which helps customize them for you over time.

There are some nice brands too! And nice products…skin care, hair care, make up…I’m really cheap about buying things like makeup primer and microdermabrasions, but ipsy has kept me stocked up. Plus if you love the items, you can purchase most of them at a discounted rate by being an ipsy member.

I’m ok with this splurge because I actually use the items and it truly is a good deal.

So to wrap with up…check out ipsy if you’re interested. And allow yourself a splurge every now and then!

Some of my favorite items I've received recently

Some of my favorite items I’ve received recently

What Does Your State Buy Most On eBay?

Thanks Katy, for sharing this interesting article with me! What does your state buy most on eBay? Mine was skin care products. To protect our delicate skin from harsh winters? Does yours fit a stereotype? Was it what you expected?


FREE Download of Katy Perry’s PRISM Album!

Right now on Google Play you can download Katy Perry’s latest album PRISM for free! Get it here and hurry, I don’t know when this deal will disappear! (If you’re new to Google Play, you may have to enter credit card information, but your card will not be charged.


Dunn Bros: FREE 12oz Coffee!

Sign up for text alerts from Dunn Bros coffee and get a FREE 12oz coffee just for signing up! Click here to find the two-digit code that corresponds to your favorite store and then text it to 63975. Free coffee expires 5 days after the coupon is received.


How Much Is $100 Worth In Your Metro Area?

Last week I posted an article that talked about the value of $100 by state, but I found another good one that narrows it down by metro area. Interesting! Read it here.


Paint Chip Craft Project

Since the growth of Pinterest I suspect many stores have found their paint chip cards mysteriously disappearing. There are a ton of neat craft ideas that you can do with paint chips! My cousin Katy just made some cool artwork for her craft room and shared some pictures with me!

  • She started with an 8×10 frame and a stash of paint chips.
  • Use a punch to cut 80 one-inch squares.
  • Carefully lay them all out to arrange the pattern. This will be the most time-consuming part.
  • Glue them to the paper that came in the frame.
  • Trim excess.
  • Katy used a Silhouette Cameo to cut out the letters. (She chose “Create” for her craft room) You can also do the letters by hand if you’re talented like that! Glue the letters onto the paint chips.
  • Put it in the frame and hang on the wall or give as a gift!
Laying out the design

Laying out the design

In the frame without the letters. Still looks pretty cool!

In the frame without the letters. Still looks pretty cool!

Final product with the letters! Looks great!

Final product with the letters! Looks great!

Target: Buy One, Get One 50% Off Select Jeans

This week at Target select jeans are buy one, get one 50% off!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 11.35.57 AM


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