FREE Frozen-Themed ABC + Math Download

Frozen ABC Pack

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Bottle Cap Coaster Project

Repurposed Candle Holder

Awhile ago I shared a neat Pinterest idea for making coasters out of bottle caps and I’ve decided I’m going to work on this project! And by “work on it” I mean consume 36 bottled beverages eventually. With how rarely I drink, it could be awhile. I do enjoy some beer and hard cider now […]

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Saving Money With Lotion Refills

Lotion Refill

I hate having dry hands and because I’m lazy, I feel the need to have bottles of lotion all over my house; coffee table, nightstand, bathroom, purse, kitchen. God forbid I have to walk to another room to moisturize my hands. But those little bottles are expensive! Have you noticed that they seem to be […]

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Easily Remove Tea Stains From Mugs

Removing Tea Stains

My ideal morning involves waking up without an alarm, making some tea, and scanning through the blog posts of the day. Preferably outside in my gazebo when the weather is nice! But too many “perfect mornings” leads to tea stains in my mug. Remove Tea Stains Easily! I’ve found an easy way to remove the […]

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Simply Saver Savings Stories

Running Shoes & Fitbit

I love hearing from readers! I love hearing your money-saving tips, suggestions, and success stories! You guys are inspiring! I heard a few great things recently… From Sara: So I was looking at renting a car for a week this summer, and I decided on a whim to look up my company’s employee perks website. I […]

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How I Accidentally Guilt Tripped Myself

Floss & Kindle

I think I may have accidentally guilt tripped myself. And I wouldn’t really say that’s a bad thing in this situation. Awhile ago I wrote about how I wanted a new Kindle Paperwhite and I came up with some tactics to “earn it.” (You can read that post here.) One of those tactics was to develop a habit […]

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Week In Review: 3/15-3/21

Light Switch Plates

It’s that time again…week in review! Pay day! 6.5% of my wages went towards a pension, and my employer contributed 7.5%. I put $150 into my 457b and my employer contributed $10. We’ve had some great weather, so I’ve been trying to get outside for a little bit every day. Nice long walks with Max! […]

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New Obsession: Podcasts

Simply Save Podcasts

I fell into podcasts begrudgingly. It didn’t take much to become hooked but then I kept thinking, “This is like talk radio! I’m too young for talk radio!” Nonetheless I’ve come to embrace podcasts and all their free educational glory. Here’s why I love them and you may too: They’re FREE! Ok maybe some have […]

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FREE Rita’s Water Ice on 3/20

Free Rita's March 20th

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Thinking Outside The Box

Cat Food Dishes

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