Being Present & Making Time

Time Quote

The Extroverted Introvert In my professional life, I feel like I do a good job at managing my time. However in my personal life, I struggle with time. I’d call myself an extroverted introvert; I enjoy being social and I… Continue Reading

Gift Idea: Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring Books For Adults

When I was younger I’d go and stay with my mom for the summer and I remember one summer having so much fun with this coloring book that was different from the usual kid’s coloring book. Instead of kid designs… Continue Reading

Define “Enough”

Seneca Quote

  Constantly craving more means you will never have enough. Define what “enough” is for you, and you will truly feel rich. Hint: it’s probably much less than you think.

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness Challenge

This month I’ve participated in a 30 day mindfulness challenge offered through Whitney Hansen Coaching. I met Whitney on Instagram and have enjoyed her personal finance posts and general life perspective so I was excited to try the challenge! This challenge… Continue Reading

Simply Save Week In Review: 7/18-7/24

Simply Save Week In Review

TGIF! Time for the Simply Save Week In Review! I restarted my charitable giving. I stopped it when I lost my job, but I’d really like to continue giving a little something, and I can make it work with my… Continue Reading

DIY Gift Card Bouquet

Gift Card Bouquet

I recently received an amazing gift basket from some of my battle buddies, filled with books from my wish list, gift cards to my favorite places, my favorite wine, and some other fun items. One of the coolest little touches… Continue Reading

“Your House Is So Small” – Differing Views of Money

Differing Views of Money

I will never forget this. I lent a friend something once and left it in my mailbox for him to pick up when I was out. I’d say he’s more than just an acquaintance, but not a super close friend.… Continue Reading

The Cost of Not Trying: Personal Growth

Arianna Huffington Quote

I’ve been reading On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Huffington and while I’ve found insight in many of the pages, one part in particular jumped out at me, practically screaming, “Heather, you need to read this!” “We have to weigh the psychic cost… Continue Reading

Amazon Mom & Amazon Student

Amazon Student

Ok, we’ve all heard of Amazon Prime, but what about Amazon Mom and Amazon Student? These are two other great Amazon programs that may be a fit for you! Amazon Mom Amazon Mom is a great way for parents to… Continue Reading

Simply Save Week In Review: 7/11-7/17

Simply Save Week In Review

Here’s the Simply Save Week In Review for the past week! Cow Appreciation Day was a success! We brought out the costumes again and had a fun, free lunch!   I sold a purse for $35. I canceled my automatic… Continue Reading