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Starbucks: BOGO on Fall Frappuccinos

Starbucks: Buy any fall Frappuccino between 2-6 pm and get one free to share. (9/17-9/21 participating US stores) Try Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel Mocha, or Teavana Oprah Chai.


Reminder: FREE Coffee at McDonald’s

Just a reminder that starting today and going through the 29th, you can get a free small coffee at McDonald’s during breakfast hours!


Interactive Map: Hardest Places to Live in the US

This interactive map shows which places in the US are the most difficult to live in. It factors in education, unemployment rate, disability rate, obesity, life expectancy, and median household income by county. See where your county lands and see how the rest of the country is doing.

Happy Monday!


Week In Review: 9/7-9/13

Nothing really big to report this week:

  • I had a meeting with a banker at Wells Fargo to review my accounts. (I recommend doing this every year or so) I used to have all these little stipulations with my accounts…I had to transfer money into an account every month and use my debit card a certain number of times etc. Basically it was to avoid fees. I couldn’t stand it and was really considering switching to USAA. Well I met with the banker and it turns out that since my mortgage is through Wells Fargo I don’t need to jump through all those hoops anymore. So I closed this extra account that I had for no purpose other than avoiding fees. Switching everything over to USAA has been in the back of my mind for years, but I’m going to hold on that plan again. I did some research and their credit card rewards program is almost identical to what I have now. Now that I cleaned up my WF accounts I’m a lot less frustrated. Switching banks entirely is a hassle and it’s not something I need to do right now.
  • A few weeks ago I wrote about how I volunteered at an event at this fun little shopping area in June and have been tempted to go shop there ever since. I was proud that I avoided temptation. Well this week we had our first police reserves meeting since June and it turns out that after the event they wrote a really nice thank you and gave each of us a $25 gift card to use at any of the stores or restaurants! That was really nice and unexpected! I went to my favorite boutique and bought a shirt and some jewelry. I may have spent more than $25…


  • I got a free Demi Lovato album!
  • I earned a free drink at Starbucks with the My Starbucks Rewards app! They had some opportunities to earn bonus stars lately so it didn’t take much to score the freebie.
  • I ordered a reusable furnace filter that I want to give a try. It cost only slightly more than one disposable one. If it works well it could save a lot in the long run. Especially because I feel like I change mine pretty frequently because of my allergies.
  • I did have two big purchases this week, but they are items I’ve been wanting for a long time. For years I have wanted a nice big painting or photograph of either Minneapolis or St Paul, but they are so expensive! There was one I wanted at Bed Bath & Beyond and I had a 20% off coupon, so I finally bit the bullet and I LOVE it! Also, for awhile now I’ve wanted sort of a wine table/cabinet and have been looking for a good deal. It wasn’t a super sale or coupon or anything special, but I did find a reasonably priced one at Target and I’m very happy with it.
  • Little Milo is settling right in and is actually growing really fast! It’s sort of bittersweet because I wish he would stay tiny forever. He still has a little kitten head though on this big body. He had a vet appointment this week to finish up some of his kitten vaccinations and that was $149. The cost of adding a pet to the family…but he will have some up front costs and then just his regular exams hopefully.


  • So a month or so ago I bought a sports watch from Target to wear for police reserve duty and biking and it worked just fine. I went to use it for an event Friday night and it wouldn’t work at all! I’d only worn it 2 or 3 times so I was pretty bummed that it was already a dud. I went to Target with it to see what they could do, not really expecting anything. I didn’t have the receipt, or the package, or really any way to prove I had bought it there. They let me exchange it! There wasn’t an identical one left and I think the one I exchanged it for was slightly more than the original (not really sure though) but they still let me exchange it! I was shocked and so grateful. It never hurts to ask.

My dad is coming to town this week! This will be the first time he has seen my house, so tomorrow night I’ll be cleaning like crazy. I’m really looking forward to his visit! Have a great week everyone!

Target: $10 Off $40 Up & Up Purchase

Cold weather will be here soon and no one likes running out in the snow to stock up on essentials like toilet paper, laundry detergent etc! So do it this week! This week at Target you can get a mobile coupon for $10 off a $40 Up & Up purchase! Just text SAVE1 to 827438. Use promo code SAVE10 online. Expires 9/20. Don’t forget to check Cartwheel to get even bigger savings on your Up & Up purchases!




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