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While we enjoy our day off, let’s not forget those that are still working today to keep us safe and take care of us…police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, doctors, nurses, etc.


Seasons Changing…Closet Cleaning Time!

It’s the time of year when Minnesota transitions from summer to winter…and if we’re lucky we might get a tiny bit of fall in between. When the seasons are changing, it can be a great time to go through your closet! At this point it should be easy to look back and see which items you didn’t end up wearing.

Earlier this year I flipped all the hangers in my closet backwards, and then whenever I wore something, I turned the hanger the right way. Now that both the cold and warm seasons are over, I went back and took a look at which items were still on backwards hangers.


One other thing I did with my closet this year was organize it a lot more than I usually would. I grouped items together…casual shirts, tank tops, dress shirts, sweaters for layering, dresses, and winter sweaters. It made things a lot easier to find and I found that it helped me actually wear more of the clothes in my closet instead of always falling back on the same outfits!

I gave my closet a thorough cleaning this weekend and dropped off clothes at Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet to try to earn some cash. Whatever they don’t take goes to the Goodwill.

Check out your closet this week. Are there any summer clothes that collected dust the past few months?

BOGO at Caribou 9/1

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 7.41.19 PM

Week In Review: 8/24-8/30

I have a bunch of random things to share this week!

  • Over 3 years ago, I bought a really nice Coach watch. Over the years the band has worn out and is falling apart. Coach has a really great repair policy so I called them up. Since this was normal wear and tear I did have to pay for a new band, but $20 is pretty darn good! (Plus a lot cheaper than just getting a new watch!)
  • I got a free bag of cat food through the Purina Perks program.
  • I got the latest Katy Perry album for free!
  • I have been looking for a good plaid shirt for fall and found one at Old Navy. They didn’t have it in the store, but I tried on similar shirts for size and then went home to order it online. When I went to checkout I learned I still had a $20 reward from my credit card. Awesome!
  • I was able to get my credit score and was really happy with it. (790 woohoo!)
  • I did a¬†massive clean out of my closet and house and took some things to New Uses and Clothes Mentor.
    • I made $16 from home items that I took to New Uses.
    • I sold some clothes to Clothes Mentor and made $66. Everything else went to the Goodwill.


  • When I cleaned out my closet I found a sweater with the tags still on that I still haven’t worn. I returned it for $11.
  • I went to Petco to buy a cat perch and cat furniture happened to be 20% off, which is awesome because…
  • I adopted a kitten! I picked Milo up on Monday night for a trial period to see how my older cat Mikko would do with him. He was on my vet’s Facebook page and was found in a dumpster. He’s probably 2 or 3 months old.


After a slow integration, it seems like things will work out, so I will be keeping Milo! Max, my dog, is obsessed! They play nonstop. Mikko hisses a little if Milo is too close, but she is coming around and doing a lot better than I expected. I was actually somewhat self-conscious about getting another cat because I get a lot of crap from people about being a crazy cat lady. Two cats, a dog, almost 30, and single…yes there is a stigma. I know my well-intentioned stepmom has concerns, and my buddy Chris even said, “Why don’t we find out a boyfriend.” Instead of being self-conscious and worried about that stuff, I should have just considered the financial aspect and how it’d work to integrate him with my current pets. I got over it and am good now. These animals bring me so much joy.


Of course the financial part…I do need to pay his $100 adoption fee. He needs to finish up a few more kitten vaccinations, but he’s already fixed. I want to get him a microchip, so there is that cost. After the upfront costs, it’s basically one more pet to take in for annual exams and vaccinations. It is also slightly more cat food, but since I already have a cat, adding one more doesn’t add much expense. I already have toys and all the basics. I did buy Milo a cat perch so they can both look out the window. (It’s Mikko’s favorite spot in the house.) I’ve never had a kitten so little (Mikko was about 6 or 7 months when I got her) so let’s hope he doesn’t get into anything and get sick or destroy anything adding costs…he is actually a very good little dude! It’s funny to see such a little thing tearing around the house and instigating the dog.

So the exciting is that it feels really go to have thoroughly gone through the house. Ever since I moved in, I’ve had a pile of things to get rid of in the basement, and it is now GONE! I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend!

One last photo of the cutie…


DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I got this idea from something similar that I saw on Pinterest. The version on Pinterest was a clear glass bowl with small pebbles in it to hold up the makeup brushes. It had a very natural, earthy look. I improvised with what I had around the house: I had this purple painted “stained” glass from a past Pinterest project that I still hadn’t found a use for, plus some of those decorative glass beads. Pour the beads in, stick the brushes in, and it adds a sophisticated¬†little touch to your bathroom counter or vanity! You could really use any glass holder and filler…it’d be a great way to reuse empty candle holders once the wax is cleaned out!

photo 1 photo 2

Gaining Self Control

I’ve been gaining some self-control and seeing a change in my shopping habits!

There is this neat area in my city called the West End. It is like a little upscale main street with some really cute boutiques. I’m not over there much so it’s usually out of sight, out of mind, but last month I did a volunteer event there. It was a block party so I spent about 6 hours strolling up and down the street, eyeing the boutiques from the windows, unable to go in. Several times since then I’ve thought, “I should go to West End this weekend and look around!” Old Heather would have just driven over without a thought and spent the day walking around buying things. But this time, the next thought that popped into my head was, “Why? I don’t need to buy anything right now. I don’t need more clothes for work. I don’t have any special upcoming events to shop for. Don’t need to buy any gifts for anyone. So why go spend money just because I’m bored or have free time?”

In the past few years since I started Simply Save, I’ve been seeing this shift in my thought processes regarding money and shopping. I like the direction it has been going!

PS-I never did end up going to West End. :)

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