Great Deals on Pants: Shopping Success Story!

Great Deals on Pants

Ok, so I’m not really supposed to be shopping right now, but I did need a few things and I managed to score some great deals on pants! So I had to share! I have a pair of jeans that… Continue Reading

Reusable Bags: Why I Love Them

B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bag I’ve been in the habit of bringing my own reusable bags with me on shopping trips since about 2007 and I love it. Here’s why: Reusable Bags Are Sturdy I should point out that several of… Continue Reading

Simply Save Week In Review: 6/27-7/3

Good Fortune Cookie

Hello all! Here’s the weekly post where I share all the financial (mostly) happenings in my life from the past week…the progress, the setbacks, and the random! There weren’t many jobs to apply for this week, probably because of the… Continue Reading

Save Money On Eating Out

Save Money On Eating Out

Even the most frugal of people have weaknesses, and for me it is eating out. I’m not much of a cook and living alone, I don’t have a desire to cook often. Sometimes its poor planning or simply laziness. Whatever… Continue Reading

Amazon: 100 Kindle Books for $3.99 or Less

Kindle Books $3.99 or Less

Happy July! Check out this month’s selection of Kindle books for $3.99 or less! Over 100 to choose from! Browse them here!

Money Does Not Equal Security

Money & Security

I came across this quote last week and not only did I realize how true it is, I also realized that it has demonstrated itself immensely in my life recently. When I first lost my job I felt relieved that… Continue Reading

June: What I’ve Read

What I Read This Month

13 Things Rich People Won’t Tell You: 250+ Tried-and-True Secrets to Building Your Fortune by Saving and Spending Smarter by Jennifer Merritt & Roe D’Angelo I enjoy lists and this book is basically a compilation of a ton of thirteen-item lists… Continue Reading

Gulpy Water Dispenser For Pets

Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser

My dog Max and I have done a lot more outdoor activities this summer…things like long car rides to see friends, long walks, outdoor pet events, and going to the dog park. Dogs can really easily become overheated, so it’s… Continue Reading

Valleyfair: Military/Vets Get In Free 4th of July Weekend

This 4th of July weekend service members and veterans can get into Valleyfair for FREE! The deal runs July 2nd through 5th. Just show a military ID. Service members and veterans can also purchase up to 6 discounted tickets for their… Continue Reading

Simply Save Week In Review: 6/20-6/27

Wisconsin Vacation

Hi all. Well, week one of being unemployed is complete. There were some ups and downs. Overall I’m trying to stay positive, but there were a few days where I was down this week, for a few random reasons. Whenever… Continue Reading